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Songs with a message

Updated on October 22, 2013

songs and artists

Touched by song

I've been listening to music since I was a young boy and remember the days my mom would sing or play a song for me to help me sleep at night. It seems I always found music a source of comfort and enjoyment. I have always enjoyed the diversity of music and the many choices we have. There are so many artists who seem to take the same theme and put a slightly different twist on it to come up with a unique song with a common message that is easily identified with. Love and relationships are always common themes in songs that seem to stand the test of time. I have often wondered what inspires a music artist in writing a song and how they go about formulating it in their mind. It seems there are songs that have been destined to be written and performed and I couldn't imagine the world without such a song.

One such song that has deep meaning and makes me cry every time I hear it is the song Last Kiss by Wayne Cochran,the original artist who sings of love lost in a tragic way. This song was also performed by J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers who gave it a real emotional tug at your heart sense about it that brought the realities of teenage love and driving safety to the forefront. Another song that has that tragic love theme that is timeless and a true classic is Teen Angel by Mark Dinning. These songs are beautiful, emotional and heartfelt as the artists really portray a sad reality of life and loss. We all encounter loss in our lifetime in many ways and music is a medium to convey the emotions and feelings in song.

A song that sums up the special bond of love of a man and woman is Cherish by the Association and every time I hear it I get that chill down my spine as it is such an emotionally charged song that makes me appreciate the love I have in my life. I cherish my wife and son and am so joyful for being so blessed. Another song that I love to listen to which makes us appreciate our spouse is I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher which is a song I can listen to over and over again.

There are music artists who are inspired by tragedy and I know Shania Twain experienced a painful loss following a fatal car accident that claimed her parents lives. She was the eldest in her family and she took on the responsibility of raising her younger siblings putting her music aspirations on hold. When she decided to follow her dream and stay true to her talent years later she took the courageous step of leaving her homeland of Canada and sought her start in Nashville. She dedicated her musical pursuits to the memory of her parents and she has touched and inspired so many with her story and her music. One of her songs that has special meaning to my wife and I as it was our wedding song is "From this moment on." When we first heard the song we fell in love with it and knew that was the song.

A song I listen to when I am feeling down and need a friend to help me through is the timeless classic Lean on Me by Bill Withers. The words ring so true and have such a powerful and enduring message and it lightens the burdens we may feel knowing we do have a friend who cares. Music is a friend as it helps us and it teaches us and it touches us in every way. I am grateful to artists who express their feelings and share it with us and make it into a form of entertainment that not only makes us happy but also provides us with a message of hope or love or another valuable life lesson that helps us and provides insight. Another song that has touched me and seems to have a similar theme is He ain't heavy he's my brother by the Hollies. The song is one of my favorites and I always enjoy listening to it as it has always made me feel good and it is very inspirational.

Songs that inspire us and make us feel good are very powerful and when we hear them we just feel like we can do just about anything we set out to do. Life can have its ups and downs and its challenges and we always have to be prepared to meet those challenges and there are songs that we can always listen to for inspiration and hope that make our lives a little bit more richer. A song that really is beautiful and touches me in ways that makes me appreciate life and family and gives me perspective is You raise me up by the groups Westlife and Selah. It is so good I have tears in my eyes when I listen to it.

I can go on and on about the songs that I find truly wonderful and enjoy listening to and that strike a chord with me but this writing exercise would never end and I just can't remember all the songs unfortunately but one song I must mention that has a real message of time and family is the late Jim Croce's Time in a bottle which really hits me and makes me so aware how important it is to spend time with my family and especially my son. I am very sentimental and I am affected in such a profound way whenever I hear this song which is one of my favorites. Another song with the same or similar theme about time and the father-son relationship is Cat's in the cradle by the late Harry Chapin. This song is so emotional in its context and it really makes you realize how important the here and now is in establishing the ever so important relationship with your son.

Music has a way of touching us and there are songs that mean so much to us in their beauty and their message and we thank the artists who bring their gifts and talents to all of us in the lyrics they create and the songs they sing.

I have always appreciated the music of Elvis Presley and I am grateful for sharing it with my son who has also become a fan of his legendary music and 2 songs my son and I really enjoy listening to are Suspicious minds and a Little less conversation. My son knows about Elvis and he says that he had a heart because he was a very kind and caring person with his generosity and his wonderful music.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Last Kiss

Lean on Me

You raise me up - Westlife

You Raise Me Up - Selah

Cat's in the Cradle

In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley


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    • Karanda profile image

      Karen Wilton 7 years ago from Australia

      Beatiful hub, loved the videos. Time in a Bottle is one of my favourites and my son played it for me at my wedding. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.