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Contemporary Christian Band Sonic Flood

Updated on July 13, 2011


The band started under the name Zilch from dc Talk's traveling band: lead singer & guitarist Mark Lee Townsend, keyboardist Jason Halbert, and bassist Otto Price. Zilch released its first Christian rock album, Platinum, in 1997 on Gotee Records and received very little publicity. Mark Lee Townsend left the band and was replaced by then-independent artist Jeff Deyo. After performing in various clubs for a while, Gotee Records producers saw the band perform a cover of Lord, I Lift Your Name on High and suggested that the band consider recording a praise & worship album. The album was in the process of being recorded as Zilch's second album under the title Millennium, but before it was finished, the band changed its name to SONICFLOOd.

SONICFLOOd added Seven Day Jesus guitarist Dwayne Larring and drummer Aaron Blanton to its lineup, not to mention a host of additional guitarists appearing as studio guests. Otto Price played bass on the album but dropped out of the core band. Rick Heil, Big Tent Revival bass player, took Otto Price's place in February of 1999 before SONICFLOOd began touring, but did not appear on the photo as the album and packaging was already finished when Rick became a member of the band.

In February of 1999, SONICFLOOd released its debut and eventually sold 900,000 units, had two #1 hits, and garnered three Dove Awards nominations and one win, for "Praise and Worship Album". In 2000, SONICFLOOd went through a series of changes that ended in all members but Rick Heil leaving the band. SONICPRAISe, their live album, was recorded at the 1999 Flevo Festival in The Netherlands, but was only released in 2001 after the band split up. The new album earned a Grammy Award nomination for "Best Gospel Rock Album".

Heil continued on with SONICFLOOd, recruiting new members and releasing Resonate (2001), Cry Holy (2003), This Generation (2005) and "Glimpse" (2006) with INO records. Aaron Blanton joined the band By the Tree, and principal songwriter Jeff Deyo stayed with Gotee Records as a solo artist with the rights to the music from the first two SONICFLOOd albums.

The band is credited with helping along the modern rock-worship movement that Delirious? began by putting electric guitars, distortion, and audio effects to lyrics that directly worshipped Jesus as Lord and Savior.

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Sonci Flood

Country United States

Years active 1999–Present




  • Rick Heil
  • Jordan Jameson

  • Chris Kimmerer

Past members

  • Jason Halbert

  • Dwayne Larring

  • Aaron Blanton

  • Otto Price


Track listing of SONICFLOOD

  1. "Invocation"
  2. "I Have Come to Worship"
  3. "Holy One"
  4. "I Want to Know You"
  5. "My Refuge"
  6. "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" (feat. Lisa Kimmey)
  7. "Holiness" (feat. Wilshire)
  8. "Carried Away"
  9. "Something About That Name" (feat. Kevin Max)
  10. "I Need You"
  11. "Open the Eyes of My Heart"
  12. "The Heart of Worship"

Track listing of Resonate

  1. "Lord of the Dance"
  2. "You Are the Holy One"
  3. "Resonate"
  4. "I Lift My Eyes Up"
  5. "Fuel"
  6. "Write Your Name on My Heart"
  7. "Dear Lord"
  8. "Your Love"
  9. "Holy and Anointed One"
  10. "Lord Over All"
  11. "In Your Hands"

Track listing of SONICPRAISe

  1. "Intro"
  2. "Open the Eyes of My Heart"
  3. "I Want to Know You (in the Secret)"
  4. "Carried Away"
  5. "Holy One"
  6. "You Are Worthy of My Praise"
  7. "Spontaneous Worship"
  8. "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?"
  9. "Lord, I Lift Your Name on High"
  10. "Before the Throne of God Above"
  11. "I Could Sing of Your Love Forever" (feat. Lisa Kimmey)
  12. "I Have Come to Worship"

Track listing of This Generation

  1. "This Generation"
  2. "All I've Failed to Be"
  3. "You Are"
  4. "Everlasting"
  5. "More Than Anything"
  6. "Prodigal"
  7. "Your Love Goes on Forever"
  8. "Never Forget You"
  9. "Moment of Glory"
  10. "God Is Here"

Track listing of Cry Holy

  1. "Cry Holy"
  2. "(You Are My Refuge) Shelter"
  3. "Everyday"
  4. "Here I Am to Worship"
  5. "Unconditional"
  6. "Famous One"
  7. "Rushing In"
  8. "God Is Great"
  9. "I Will Exalt the One"
  10. "Satisfied"
  11. "Love of My Life"
  12. "Everything to Me"
  13. "I Will"


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