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'Sons of Anarchy' Recap and Review

Updated on June 26, 2020
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Rahul is a TV addict who can never get enough of good shows. His all-time favorites are 'The Wire', 'Breaking Bad', and 'The Sopranos.'

Review of Sons of Anarchy

If you are a fan of crime stories and underworld adventure, Sons of Anarchy is definitely the series to watch. Set in the fictional town of Charming, California, everything is about to get messy as loyalty and honor bites the dust while crime, violence, and betrayal reign supreme.

This American crime drama series follows the life of motorcycle club member, Jax Teller, who follows the footstep of his late father - the founder of SAMCRO ( Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original).

His dream is to lead the life of a loyal and dedicated club member. However, his loyalty is put to the test for two reasons. Firstly, the premature birth of his son, Abel, changes his views towards life, and secondly, the unlawful and devious practices of SAMCRO makes him question his standing with the club.

The crime series is made up of 7 series and broken down into 92 episodes for your viewing pleasure. The viewer takes a peek into Jackson, Jax Teller's life, and the inner workings of SAMCRO. And as the series progresses, everything gets messy as life becomes more dangerous and untenable.

SAMCRO pose as a vigilante group, fighting off drug trafficking rings from shipping drugs into and through Charming, but while this appears to be an act worthy of praise, the club has a dark side of their own.

The club is involved in illegal arms trafficking, which is the main source of their income. This attracts enemies from all sides as different groups fight SAMCRO to gain control of Charming, using threats and acts of violence, persuasion, bribes, and assassination.

If you're on the edge about this thriller, maybe this review/recap is just what you need to read to decide if it's worthy of your time. Take a look at my season by season recap of Sons of Anarchy.

Season 1

After the death of his father, his mother, Gemma Teller, marries Clay Morrow - the current president of SAMCRO. Clay Morrow represents everything a club leader should be, but he takes things to the extreme and loose ends begin to appear all over the club's activities.

The club's warehouse is attacked and burnt down by a rival club, causing friction within the group. Jax has to deal with something more personal than the club's continuous survival. His pregnant ex-wife who is an addict, overdoses on Methamphetamine, forcing doctors to perform a C-section on her to save the baby she's carrying.

Baby Abel is born prematurely and Jax has to deal with the new reality of being a father. Things are turned on its head when he visits an old storage unit to get old baby clothes for his son, only to discover his late father's memoirs, which reveals his dream for the club. Jax Teller begins to question how far off course the club has veered from his father's vision.

Season 2

In season 2, Clay Morrow and his stepson, Jax, have their relationship strained further due to the mistakes made by the former. As the internal crises within the group continue, a turf war begins. A white separatist movement, the League of American Nationalist (LOAN), arrive Charming with the sole aim of taking control over the town.

LOAN leader hatches a plan to have Jax’s mother, Gemma, kidnapped and gang-raped by his enforcer, Weston, and two other gang members. This season is filled with violence and a war of attrition between SAMCRO and Loan, as they battle it out for the kingship of Charming.

Season 3

For fear of her life, Gemma Teller goes into hiding as she flees to her sick father's house along with Tig. After placing her dad in a sick facility, she returns to Charming to take care of her newborn grandson, Abel, not knowing that he's been kidnapped and taken to Belfast by rival gangs.

The news breaks her down and she suffers a heart attack, which she survives eventually. Season 3 reveals the extent to which the motorcycle club will go to get what they want, even with perceived enemies. Nowhere is this made clearer than when Jax’s friend, Opie, who served jail time, takes revenge on the special agent, Stahl, for the death of his wife, Donna.

Stahl had arrived Charming weeks prior to Abel's kidnap. In desperation to get his son back, Jax makes a behind-the-scenes deal with the agent but keeps members of the club in the loop. When Stahl attempts to double cross Jax by telling the club that he made a deal behind their backs, she realizes she's already been double-crossed herself and attempt to flee for her life. Opie led other members after her trail and had her killed.

Jax Teller (now president of the group) has to deal with the internal and external threats to SAMCRO and in doing so, gets into trouble with the authorities and is sentenced to jail for 14 months along with his stepfather, Clay Morrow, Bobby, Juice, Tig, and Happy.

Season 4

Season 4 is about sober reflection and self-examination as viewers get to see a more humane side of Jax. It centers around the intrigues and dangers of prison life and how challenging it can be for ex-convicts looking to make a seamless transition into wider society after serving jail time.

In season 4, the jailed SAMCRO members are released, and in a year and a half that they've been away, a lot had changed. Eli Roosevelt is now head of the San Joaquin department and Hale is the new Mayor of Charming. SAMCRO members are excited to have their buddies back but freedom soon becomes an afterthought with the coming of attorney Lincoln, who is hell-bent on building a RICO case against SAMCRO to send them back to jail, and this time, for good.

Season 4 is less violent than other seasons but just as exciting as the rest, if not more. As Jax and his other recently released members make the transition into public life, a new threat appears - something that might destroy all that they hold dear. The battle doesn't end with their release from jail; it's only getting started.

Season 5

The new threat is the emergence of a deadly crime ring who call themselves the Niners. Their unconventional tactics throw SAMCRO members off balance as their arms shipment is ambushed and destroyed in retaliation for the death of Veronica Pope, the daughter of Niner's leader (Damon Pope).

This season centers around gang wars as both groups make the fight personal. The Niners target the homes of SAMCRO members and when Pinay Winston is killed, the situation becomes a full-blown turf war. In his role as president, Jax has to keep the business of SAMCRO running while protecting their territory from invaders.

Combining this with his responsibility as a father begins to take its toll. In light of a new threat to the corporate existence of SAMCRO and the Niners, Jax is forced to meet with Damon Pope to form an unlikely alliance.

Season 6

Tara (Jax’ partner) and his stepfather are arrested by the authorities and imprisoned as law enforcement begins to tighten the noose around SAMCRO. The plan is to destroy the motorcycle club to its very foundation, and they will stop at nothing to get the job done. What better way to do so than to go after the family members of SAMCRO members?

While Tara and Clay Morrow are in jail, agent Toric approaches both to flip on the group in exchange for their freedom. Tara will never flip on her man and she makes it known to Toric where her loyalties like. Clay Morrow attempts to hold his own but his resolve is broken when the authorities threaten to throw him into a maximum prison full of the late Damon Pope's imprisoned henchmen.

Facing certain death, he agrees to play ball. His u-turn exposes the club even further and this leads to his death at the hands of someone really close to him.

Juice returns to Charming to assume the vice presidential role to the chagrin of club members, especially Chibbs, who is still angry with him for flipping on the group to the cops. While his presence raised an uproar among club members, the growing romance developing between Nero and Gemma Teller, who is mourning her husband, causes more problems, especially for Jax.

In retaliation for the death of her husband, Gemma murders Tara after the latter revealed it was her decision to have Jax murder her husband. Jax does find out later and the bond of family is broken forever.

Season 7

The final season revolves around the pain of coming to terms with Tara's death at the hands of his mother. He reflects on his life and turns himself to the authorities.

He is jailed a second time. This final installment is one of retribution as Jax moves against his mother and Juice. He gets Ron murder Juice while he kills his mother Gemma, avenging the death of Tara.


This crime TV series is one to watch if you are a lover of crime stories. The plot is well orchestrated, using elements of suspense, intrigues, and shock. The episodes take you on a gradual journey of events on a personal and general note as the lives of the principal characters are chronicled for the viewer to see in clear terms.

Sons of Anarchy is not all about violence, though. It also has the element of surprise, which is better experienced first-hand. Why Jax does what he does may appear confusing in the beginning, but as the story progresses, his reasons for participating in acts of brutality becomes clearer.

In this suspense-filled drama series, you are introduced to some of the basic rituals characterized by motorcycle clubs and their penchant for the organized crime while using acts of chivalry as a smokescreen.

There's never a dull moment or episode in this seven-season series, so if you are interested in watching a crime story that keeps you at the edge of your seat, Sons of Anarchy is a must watch. All 92 episodes are filled with all the action, thriller and suspense, worthy of an urban crime movie series.


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