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Sony Boom Box

Updated on May 27, 2010

How are Sony Boom Boxes?

 Sony Boom Boxes are not the top of the line in boom boxes, but this doesn't mean that they aren't classic. You can beat out playing basketball in your yard with a Sony boom box, but forget about taking it to a park with a big gang of ballers. You better go for a more expensive machine for that. But all alone, it has a boom to it enough for you in your backyard or in the house.

One thing people love to do with boom boxes these days is listen to audiobooks. And Sony boom boxes do a fine job here. Seriously, boom boxes are great for audiobooks because they are so portable and you get a really nice sound for voice. They are compact machines with a really good sound.

Some Sonys come with a remote but others do not. Make sure you check the particular model you are interested in if this is an important consideration for you. But who really needs a remote with their boom box anyway? I mean, aren't you carrying this bad boy all around the house and blaring out your musical psychology to all who will listen?



New Sony Boom Box

Boom Box History

 The first boom boxes were all black. They came out in the 1970s as a more personal way to listen to music. They were combo cassette/radio units. And they were loud. Sony came out with one along with Panasonic and GE. The first models were not cheap at the time. Some cost well over $200!

The boom box came to be known in some circles as a "ghetto blaster". And this is exactly what they did. Ghetto stuck at home? Finally, with the advent of the boom box, you could take the ghetto with you.

There were some vary funky versions that came out, which added some nifty bit to the apparatus. Some added microphones, so you could "voice-groove" to the beats; one model had a television screen, so you could vegetate and dance at the same time; there were a few versions that played vinyl records, the holy grail of music enthusiasts in America.

New Sony Boom Box Looks Like a Saucer

Sony continues to plunk out rad models of boomboxes after all these years. The new Zs-E5 looks like an alien saucer. When you get one, and they are radical, you have a choice of four colors: red, aqua, blue, pink. So small you can replace your yo-yo when it stops booming music for you.

It has a cool LED display and a jack for you to pump in your digital music you got from those illegal downloads. Or you can play a CD or listen to the AM/FM radio. Go for the pink. Or the red, just stand out. This is an alien saucer boombox. 



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