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Souljah Exposed

Updated on December 26, 2012

Souljah Revealed

Sister Souljah is an African American female who is about five feet six inches tall. Yet, when she is speaking you think she a giant. At least that is what I thought when i first heard her on a Hip hop recording with ice cube the powerful African-American rapper, who is also conscious of the condition of black people worldwide and has contributed a great deal fo time and money to alleviate some of the problems and is not contributor to them similar to some rappers.

So, when a friend of mind gave me a 360 page book by Sister Soujah to read I started through if like a computerize chainsaw. until I realize she was telling a life story about a level of pain I would not wish on anyone. She loves her people and is willing to state the case of how this problem came about and what step are needed to correct it. Sister Souljah does this with mathematical precision in an eloquent way that even Cornell West had to admit she is the best and the brightest of her generation.

On this point I agree with Cornell. But when Sister Souljah was debating him and some of those other so-called civil rights activists, she slaughter them. she made points that they had missed or refused to acknowledge She pointed out the attitude between college and non-college students and why this problem must be eradicated. She digs deeper to reveal the effect that racism has played to render black people mentally unstable. Some people may find this hard to swallow, but its time to get back to calling a spade a spade. If it is a duck call it a duck.

Racism had crippled both black and white. Many on both side refuse to admit the damage which makes it impossible to solve the problem. Now that we are in the computer age they, those who are in power can embed the racism in the computer programs to lock out so-called minorities. With her speaking worldwide the issue is gaining attention. She places great emphasis n mis-education of black people. Many people are unaware of the legality that kept black people from learning to read or write and the consequence for those who learned and for those who were secretly teaching. When Lauryn Hill recording the mis-education of Lauryn Hill, I knew instinctively she had read Carter G. Woodson the Mis-Education of the Negro.

We can start with the first falsehood, Negro means black in Spanish. and yes this is true. Negro does mean black in Spanish but it is for inanimate objects for people the word is Moreno. The second falsehood is that the first "negars" appeared in Jamestown in 1619 wrong. There were black arriving here with the Conquistadors as early as 1565. The Racist system in which we live not only colonized the land and the people but the education and economical system to fit their model. However, the hurt and pain she has endured throughout her life is mind altering I can only share her pain as she continue to make a difference in the life of Black people. The Book No Disrespect is a heart wrenching book that should be required reading.

The book by Sister Souljah is a great book and people who will read it will learn a great deal about what really happen during the civil rights years. The fallout of it is begining to surface and it is heart breaking.


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