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Source Code - Movie Review

Updated on August 28, 2011

Source Code is a Sci-Fi thriller starting Jake Gyllenhaal as a man on a mission to stop a terrorist plot to destroy Chicago.

My initial impression of the movie immediately made me think of an older Sci-Fi thriller called 12 Monkies staring Bruce Willis.

As the story progressed, however, the Source Code took on its own form and ended up being more entertaining than my initial impressions.

The Plot

Without giving away too much, Source Code takes on the challenge of presenting multiple timelines (more specifically, alternate realities) where Jake's character is sent into an eight minute loop where he must stop a terrorist plot to blow up the train he is on but also stop a major event in Chicago.

The Sci-Fi nature of the film makes you guess how the events unfold and as the movie progresses, more comes to light as you discover the characters and how the 'Source Code' functions.

If you've seen the movie '12 Monkies' than you will understand the idea of what's going on in Source Code. At first, my immediate reaction was 'copycat' but Source Code proved me wrong as it took on a life of its own with excellent character development even within the limited time frames and 'realities' in which we get to see them.

My Opinion

All in all, Source Code was a very enjoyable movie. I love Sci-Fi thrillers and this movie hit the nail on the head. The acting was as good as it needed to be throughout the film, visuals kept you entertaining but not too distracted from the character development and the plot, although a tad dry at times, kept you engaged until the credits.

This movie may not be one that you would watch regularly like some of the classic Sci-Fi movies out there but it certainly entertains and is worth adding to your list of 'must watches' especially if you're into Sci-Fi movies.

Final Rating

There are things that could have gone better with Source Code but any additions or subtractions would have taken away from the entertainment, if you were to ask me.

The movie has a great blend of character development within the restraint of the movie's plot so we get to know the characters but don't become overwhelmed with the drudge.

The plot has, in many ways, been done before (see '12 Monkies') but it approaches it in a unique way with plenty of variance that makes the movie its own.

Final Rating: 3 stars out of 5.

Seen the movie? What did you think of it? (Without Spoilers)

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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      i was wondering if this movie would be good. i loved 12 monkeys. after reading this, i will now have to see this movie. great review. voted useful and up.