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South Indian actress Tamanna Bhatia

Updated on October 8, 2010

Tamanna Bhatia is south Indian actress and she is the heartbeat of tamil cinema. She started her acting at the age of 13. Her career was started as a theatre artist after that she entered into modeling world. And also acted in some advertisement like RMKV silks this advertisement that makes her become more famous. Her best popular advertisement films are Fair and Lovely, RMKV silks sarees and Sharavana stores. You may get videos on youtube . "Happy Days" was her fifth movie in Telugu which was released on 2007. Its a story about college life and friendship. That was a turning point for Tamanna Bhatia and she got many offers in South Indian film Industry. And she also nominated for Film fare Best Tamil Actress Award for her film "Kaloori".

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  • profile image

    rakesh  7 years ago

    she is a cute good looking girl and the same girl who won many many hearts in her advertisments , im saying this because im one of them. Keep on going,there are still millions of hearts to win so my best wishes to you in your future:-):-):-):-):-) -from Mr. Lonely rakesh:-):-):-):-):-.

  • profile image

    the great 7 years ago

    Cute girl . Nice pics . I like it when she is being lifted or carried by actors . At that time she looks like a cute little baby .

  • @MagicBoy profile image

    @MagicBoy 7 years ago from Qatar

    The south Indian film industry has the uncanny ability to churn up the best looking girls that one could desire..Tammana is one amongst the best there can be..she has a charismatic face and a smile that could melt even a cold-stoned heart..Thank you for making my day...Cheers

  • lctodd1947 profile image

    lctodd1947 7 years ago from USA

    Very pretty person and thank you for sharing this. I hope she is as pretty on the inside as she is outside...know what I mean.

    Thank you again, lovely.

  • Cheeky Girl profile image

    Cassandra Mantis 7 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

    Tamanna Bhatia is very beautiful. She is so pretty. Great hub. There are some amazing looking women out there! Cheers!

  • Nell Rose profile image

    Nell Rose 7 years ago from England

    Hi, great pictures, I like watching Indian films over here, they are great, cheers nell

  • profile image

    BuzzNights 7 years ago

    I like this Punjabi Cutie pie. Recently, I've seen her Telugu film 'Happy Days' in Hindi dubbing. The film is really great.

  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 7 years ago from India

    Hi karthik3339 , thanks for your comment.

  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 7 years ago from India

    Hi robert hoagland, thanks for your comment.

  • profile image

    karthik3339 7 years ago

    I like this actress. keep on going, Nikitha.

  • robert hoagland profile image

    robert hoagland 7 years ago

    great pics

  • nikitha p profile image

    nikitha p 7 years ago from India

    Hi "Quill", thanks for your comment.

  • profile image

    "Quill" 7 years ago

    Lovely lady...