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Soy Tu Duena Storyline Summary

Updated on May 22, 2014
Soy Tu Duena DVD
Soy Tu Duena DVD

Soy Tu Duena Mexican Soap Opera

Soy Tu Duena, (Spanish for "I am your woman of steel") is a telenovela Mexican Soap Opera movie. It was very long running (142 episodes) and has a very intricate plot.

The Story Line

Valentina (Lucero) is a rich, hot and beautiful woman. It seems she is the main character in the play and the story seems to focus on her mostly. Her fortune is as a result of the wealth left to her by her parents who have since died. She resides in Mexico City together with her cousin Ivana (Gabriela) and Isabel Dorantes (Silvia Pinal) who happens to be her aunt. Valantina Villalba is engaged to Alonso but doesn't realize that Alonso is cheating on her with her cousin, Ivana. Interestingly, Ivana also happens to have another lover by the name Oscar Ampudia.

After some misunderstandings, Ivana runs over Oscar with her car and he dies instantly. By the day the marriage ceremony was to be held, Alonso shows up but refuses to get married to Valentina. His main intention was to run away with Ivana but that doesn’t happen in the end.

Traumatized and devastated by the events that have happened, valentina is out of view and isolating herself at Los Cascabeles. At Los Cascabeles she discovers that Rosendo is sexually harassing Iluminata who was a mere servant working at Los Cascabeles. Valentina chases Rosendo from the place but surprisingly she later hires him as her foreman. Hiring Rosendo brings Valentina some challenges as most people in the area start to hate her because of the many bad things he does. They are of the belief that he operates under her orders and she is the mastermind behind him. After some time Benita (the servant), ivana and Isabel move in and join them at Los Cascabeles.

Soy Tu Duena Continues

Valentina was in need of land to purchase and in the course of looking for it she meets Jose Miguel Montesinos who happened to be a wealthy land owner in the area. Valentina proposes a deal to purchase a portion of Jose Miguel’s land but he refuses. It happens out that he is in love with her. Federico Montesinos and Leonor Montesinos (jose Miguel’s parents) also move into their son’s place. It turns out that Jose Miguel’s father (Federico Montesinos) used to love Isabel Dorantes but he still has some feelings for her.

Rosendo creates damages and trouble at Los Cascabeles. First he sets on fire and burns the home of Sabino who was a former employee of José Miguel but has since been fired by his mother Leonor. Secondly, Rosendo kills Losario who was a worker in the Cascabeles.

After some time Valentina falls for José Miguel and she is in love with him. Surprisingly Ivana also falls in love with José Miguel. Rosenda (her foreman) also joins the race to win Valentina’s heart. What follows is a battle for her between him and José Miguel. Valentina only loves José Miguel and as such they decide to marry each other but they didn’t succeed as a result of the many challenges they were facing. First, José Miguel’s mother is unhappy about the marriage and doesn’t approve and then secondly, Ivana and Rosendo disown the marriage to join forces in order to prevent it from taking place. Ivana was in love with José Miguel and there was no way she would allow him get married to Valentina. Rosendo on the other hand is in love with Valentina and is not happy about her getting married to José Miguel. Ivana and Leonor (José Miguel’s mother) mastermind a plot to disrupt the impending marriage between José Miguel and valentina. They use a woman by the name Arcelia Olivares who claims that she and Jose Miguel had a relationship and that she had his son. Valentina isn’t happy about this and puts off the marriage with José Miguel.

Soy Tu Duena Story Line Concludes

Valentina’s former lover, Alonso also enters the race to win back her heart and it soon becomes a three horse race fight for Valentina’s love. It happens out that valentine doesn’t care about the others but only José Miguel in spite of everything that has happened. Valentina and José Miguel decide to get back together and fight for their love. Ivana is jelious and plans to enter José Miguel a box in order to sway him her side. She travels to Mexico City and sleeps with a man she knew. Her intention was to get pregnant and in the process claim that the baby belonged to Jose Miguel. Ivana is unlucky to succeed with her plans and she doesn’t gets pregnant in spite of trying her luck with many other men. In spite of failing with her plans, Ivana still has hope of getting José Miguel to her side. She goes ahead and tells jose Miguel and Valentina that she was pregnant with his child (which was not true). This leads to Valentina breaking up with him for the second time. To make her claim a reality Ivana sleeps with Rosendo and the detective who was investigating the death of Oscar but she doesn’t conceive as she wished for.

Ivana finally becomes mentally incapacitated and kills herself after failing to stand all the frustrations but before he death she also brings to an end the life of Benita (their servant). As the story comes to climax, Rosendo kidnaps Valentina aiming to take her distant places and force her to fall in love and marry him. After many days of hiding her in a cave where she almost died, valentina is rescued by Sabino and Leonor (José Miguel’s mother). Leonor had a relationship with Rosendo when they were young and as such it turns out Rosendo is the father of José Miguel. While José Miguel was about to kill Rosendo for what he has done to Valentina, his mother comes between them and informs him that Rosendo is his real father. The story comes to climax when Valentina and José Miguel marry and live happily thereafter.

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