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9 Songs About Overcoming Obstacles, Adversity, Hard Times, Challenges and Not Giving Up-Spanish Version

Updated on November 1, 2016
Nalini Marquez profile image

Nalini has an ear for curating good music. Chances are she's made (or will eventually make) a list that fits your musical needs.

Music, culture, language, and backgrounds relate to what helps us through the hard times in our lives. Music is one tool that people use to work through emotions and also to experience given emotions. The Latino/a culture has incorporated music, culture, language, and the overcoming of adversity into an art. Below you will find songs that are feel-better, keep going, it gets-better songs, get off the ground and on your feet songs that will have you dancing, tapping, and overcoming those mountains in no time.

So here's this list of songs about overcoming obstacles, adversity, hard times, challenges and not giving up-Latino style. These songs are listed in no particular order and are great for those times when the English language is just not enough. So for those of you who understand Spanish, speak English and Spanish, fall somewhere in between, or have an appreciation of a Latin groove--this one's for you. Eeepa!


Spanish Songs for Overcoming Obstacles and Hard Times

"Que Suenan Los Tambores" Victor Manuelle
"Pégate" Ricky Martin
"Vivir Mi Vida" Marc Anthony
"Creo en Mi" Natalia Jiménez
"La Vida es Un Carnaval" Celia Cruz
"Llama al Sol" Tito El Bambino
"Echa Pa'lla" Pitbull featuring Papayo
"Que Suenan Los Tambores" Victor Manuelle
"Vivo La Vida" Olga Tañon

#1. "Que Suenan Los Tambores"--Victor Manuelle

#2. "Pégate"--Ricky Martin

#3. "Vivir Mi Vida"-Marc Anthony

#4. "Creo En Mi"--Natalia Jiménez

#5. "La Vida es Un Carnaval"--Celia Cruz

A song that reminds us how life has its ups and downs, that there is no need to cry, and that life is a carnival (or at least, it is similar to one).

#6. "Llama al Sol"--Tito El Bambino

#7. "Echa Pa'lla"--Pitbull featuring Papayo

#8. "Como Se Sufre Se Baila"--Pedro Alonso

#9. "Vivo La Vida" Olga Tañon

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