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Speaking out against Immorality

Updated on May 17, 2016

There’s at least one voice in America speaking out against immoral and negative influences bombarding our society. It belongs to (OMM). The original organization was founded around 2008 by several women fed up with government, businesses and decision makers who allow the media and others to force immorality, violence and vulgarity down the throats of decent moral citizens. However, membership is open to all sharing like views.

Monica Cole, spokesperson for the group, explains their main goal is to put an end to the exploitation and moral decay of our nation’s children, especially by the entertainment media. Cole says they are searching for one million moms willing to join the fight to allow our children a chance to grow up in a moral society. That sounds like a noble cause since our children are our future.

OMM views are shared by American Family Association, one of the largest and most effective pro-family organizations in the country, who recently hosted Cole on their show Focal Point. The topic focused on why America should be upset by an NBC comedy called The New Normal that features a gay couple who hire a surrogate mother. Cole said the show attacks Christian values, conservative values and the traditional family.

The organization is against those who exploit children for financial gain. Some detractors say their methods of protest, consisting of petitions, boycotts and targeted letter writing campaigns and emails, amount to nothing less than a form of economic terrorism. To boycott is not using or buying a product or service in order to show support for a cause.

Apparently, some believe it is. Anyone doing a search for OMM online will undoubtedly come across more than a few sites denouncing the organization. Be forewarned as some may be viewed as extremely offensive. For example, one initiated by a man identifying himself as Mad Mike and under the guise of a spoof, pokes fun at the OMM. However, his site also prominently features a picture of Jesus Christ giving a one fingered salute.

Here's how the OMM works. It’s free to join and doesn’t require a large investment of time. They contact their members by e-mail, with information about a particular issue and supply a link to where action can be taken. Members are encouraged to forward the link to other likeminded individuals.

When people watch a TV program, they should reasonably expect the content to be free of indecent or profane language. When it isn’t they can file a complaint against the station with the FCC. In turn, the FCC will begin a formal investigation to determine if the station is subject to fines or license termination. The FCC encourages consumers to first try resolving the problem with the company whose products, services or billing are at issue. However, if that does not succeed, a complaint may be filed online with the commission at:

Anyone interested in finding out more about OMM can do so at:


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    • profile image

      Jim Cancel 5 years ago

      I commend your attempt to bring an awareness to the moral decay and decline of honor in our country and children, but I'm afraid the problem is more far reaching than most think. Without a deep repentance for our sins and debauchery, any efforts won,t prevail. It is fair to say that "we are what we eat", so with this in mind, what is the appetite of our nation and more specifically it's children? Greed, covetousness, Sicily entertainment, a false belief in the need for "self awareness", self expression, and dignity for all have caused "truth" to be fallen in our streets. many of the "heroes" and influential people that are looked up to are movie stars, media icons, athletes, etc., who in actuality contribute very little to our lives in the way of substance. Who is Oprah anyway. She never had a child or when was the last time she had to choose between paying for putting gas in her car and buying groceries? Give me a break. There are very few honest discussions between parents and children as to how God feels or what he has to say as to the issues and governmental policies facing our country. If parents don,t have the courage, discipline, fortitude and integrity to lead by truth according to God's will, there will be further decline of morals, wisdom, love of neighbors, true charity, sense of duty and honor and excellence in thought and deed. Do what you don' t want to do and you'll become what you want to be! God help us!

    • eHealer profile image

      Deborah 5 years ago from Las Vegas

      Great hub JY, you seem to have your finger on the moral pulse, it is necessary, and maybe we should be more proactive in what are children are exposed to in the media.

    • Davesworld profile image

      Davesworld 5 years ago from Cottage Grove, MN 55016

      I'm all for it, but there is a simple solution to TV programming - turn the damn thing off! When my kids were little I didn't want to model TV as they way people spent their evenings, so I turned it off way back then - it's been more than 30 years and I don't miss it. My kids don't either.

    • aviannovice profile image

      Deb Hirt 5 years ago from Stillwater, OK

      Yes, it is interesting. Do let us know about further developments. I applaud your investigative reporting piece.

    • JY3502 profile image

      John Young 5 years ago from Florence, South Carolina

      Well, sometimes the truth hurts.

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 5 years ago


      You may end up with a flurry of folks either applauding you, or wanting to choke you, regarding this one.

      It's interesting, regardless of which side of the fence people are on. I'd not heard of this organization before.

      Thanks for the heads up and interesting read. :)