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Spectre Review:

Updated on November 5, 2015
1 star for Spectre
An awesome picture and cinematography
An awesome picture and cinematography | Source

There comes a time in each industries life that indicates they’ve simply given up. The movie industry seems to be moving in that direction as movies this year are either sequels, adaptations or even remakes. These types of films shouldn’t be considered bad but they do remind the audience that Hollywood has simply run out of ideas. Spectre is a prime example of studio “giving up”. It seems to wander like a zombie in an industry plagued by repetitiveness.

Spectre not only destroys any hope for another great bond movie, but squanders what could have been a great send off for Daniel Craig. This train wreck completely ruins everything that the Craig era of Bond movies stand for, and it seamlessly tares down all of the great moments from the past films. This leaves us with a hollow shell of a movie about one of the most iconic characters in Hollywood.

Spectre is another Daniel Craig James Bond movie. Bond has just received a tape M left for him with simple instructions. To kill someone. This someone is the leader of the secret organization called Spectre. It’s an illicit organization does crimes to somewhat keep a balance in the world (reminds me of the Syndicate from almost every media). Bond has to go on another adventure that eventually links all of his past endeavors. They all link together somehow through this organization. Bond has to find out a way to stop this terrorist group before it’s too late.

The main problem with the film is the quite silly approach this time around. Skyfall succeeded mostly on a grim take that really allowed the audience to connect with the character. Craig doesn’t want to be Bond for a while, stating that the character has grown stale over the years. This is extremely true as we see a completely different character this time around. The screenwriters have resorted in giving us a bond that’s a cliché resemblance of the past.

To think of it as a whole, the movie is a cliché of the past. Instead of giving us a great plot with interesting characters, we’re treated with hollow characters, laughable dialogue, a cliché plot, a disappointing villain and many other atrocities.

Clichés are given to us on a silver platter which we’re supposed to swallow without saying a word. Though they’re extremely laughable in mostly every scene. There’s more than one part where the villain survives what should have been a killing blow. The audience watches as small little occurrences pop up that help drive the story along. At one point Bond so happens to wake up as a mouse in sitting the middle of the bedroom. Instead of shooting it, he lets it go back into its home in the wall. This allows bond to find a secret passage.

This lazy writing is just one of the many things the screenwriters do. Some blame has to fall on the director, Sam Mendes. The blend of old school bond and new school bond doesn’t mix at all. This allows for cheesiness into the film.

Casino Royale and Skyfall seemed to take themselves seriously enough not to have elaborate action sequences. The movie throws all that out of the window with actions scenes that seem to never end. A ten minute chase scene and then a ten minute fight scene. At one point bond is chasing a helicopter, with a boat and destroys it with his gun.

The movie isn’t all that bad though. The direction of the movie is very well done and the cinematography quite good. Although the actions scenes seem long and out of place, they’re very well-choreographed. Other than Lea Seydoux, the actors do a pretty great job. The portrayal of James Bond isn’t the best, but Craig tries his best with what he’s got.

Overall, Spectre could have been an amazing Bond film that really gave Craig a sendoff he deserves. However, it’s a movie bogged down by clichés that never seem to end. Ultimately this leads a movie that simply can’t be taken seriously. The connection to the last films is an interesting story, but it’s ultimately a cliché. Spectre is for those fans wanting to live the glory days of James bond films or can look past clichés that have plagued James Bonds films in the past. However, it could have done away with what’s ultimately the worst script in the series.



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