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Spider Rhymes

Updated on October 10, 2017

Spider Man


PETER PARKER is bitten by a spider.
While taking a picture for the school paper.
Once he gets home with aunt Mae and uncle Ben.
He feels that his body is changing.
So the owner of Oscorp Industries.
Tries getting a contract with the military.
After being rejected NORMAN OSBORN.
Absorbs a chemical that made him perform.
It made him perform recklessly.
He kills his assistant moves on to be.
The GREEN GOBLIN. An insane villain.
While Peter wakes up with better vision.
A muscular body and Insane Balance.
Quick reflexes with sharp awareness.
His powers he was recognizing.
It was obvious, what he was becoming.
He later called himself SPIDERMAN.
Spiderman joins a tournament.
He wins the first match, but he is cheated.
Cheated by the promoter out of his money.
Peter lets a thief in to steal the money.
He finds that uncle Ben has been murdered.
Peter tracks down the killer and returns the favor.
Meanwhile, Goblin's still at large.
But Spiderman is still in charge.
Spiderman's abilities fight injustice.
Goblin figures that Spider-man.
Can defeat him so he has a plan.
To get spiderman on his team.
He offers, but Spider-man sees.
That the goblin needs him.
Spider-man declines to join him.
Goblin realizes that Peter is Spiderman
He sat back and developed a plan.
They fought and fought but the plan did not work.
Goblin was killed by his own curse.

Tobey Maguire
Peter Parker/Spiderman
William Defoe
Norman Osborn/Green Goblin

Spider Man 2


Peter Parker is back as spider-man.
The super-hero that always has a plan.
MJ is back so is Harry Osborn.
He's taken over since his father is gone.
Oscorp's sponsoring, a new project.
OTTO OCTAVIUS will run it.
Octavius is a nuclear scientist.
Who may have success with the fusion project.
As he handles, hazardous materials.
He wears a harness with tentacles.
While he is demonstrating. A power spike.
Causes the reactor to not act right.
Due to instability, his wife dies.
& the inhibitor chip burns inside.
So those tentacles can be permanent.
The hospital attempts to remove it.
But surprisingly, they arm resisted.
They resisted and attacked the doctors.
Without that chip, they could not stop them.
Octavius woke up and saw the carnage.
He got out of the hospital and starts focusing.
Focusing on power and rebuilding.
Rebuilding the fusion project.
He found a place but needed funds to start it.
The tentacles suggested.
That he rob a bank to get it.
He was later called DOC OCK.
A villain that only Peter could stop.
But, Peter was struggling.
He was abandoning.
Abandoning spider-man.
He threw away the suit but a garbage man.
Finds the suit and returns it.
While Octavius works on his project.
Peters powers resurface.
He is Spider-Man again.
He goes and stops Octavius plan.

Toby Maguire
Peter Parker/Spiderman
Alfred Malino
Otto Octavius/Doc Ock

Spider Man 3


Peter Parker has found the love of his life.
His longtime crush he hopes will become his wife.
While on with her he sees a streaking light.
Unknowing that one of those streaks was a meteorite.
The rock makes landfall.
As a symbiote begins to crawl.
Crawl out of the rock and follows Peter home.
While Peter does not even know.
Meanwhile, HARRY OSBORN laments.
For his father's death, he's seeking vengeance.
After finding from Octavius that it may be Peter.
He attacks, without knowing the picture.
While using Goblins technology.
He attacks but ends up crashing.
Harry develops amnesia forgetting.
That Peter Parker he's targetting.
Meanwhile, known criminal FLINT MARKO.
Escapes prison and falls in particles.
With police pursuing. The particles start flying.
That fuses his body with the surrounding.
Surrounding sand. It gets in his glands.
Transforming him into the Villan SANDMAN.
With his powers, he robs an armored car.
Spider-man finds out and tracks down the car.
He confronts him but the sandman subdues him.
He escapes and Peter is told that it is him.
Flint Marko is the guy who killed uncle, Ben.
That triggered Peter to get some revenge.
While sleeping in his Spider-man suit.
That symbiote that followed him transformed the suit.
Peter wakes up and discovers.
That his once red suit is covered.
Is covered with a black sleek leather.
That suit came with enhanced powers.
While out in searching for Marko.
He located him in a subway tunnel.
Peter discovers that Marko cant take water.
So he breaks a water Pipe. Marko's then covered.
Covered with mud, He's then washed away.
While Peter's suit is altering his DNA.
Harry recovers from his amnesia.
He gets a message from his father.
He then meets face to face with Peter.
Peter reveals the truth about his father.
Meanwhile, EDDIE BROCK is painting an image.
That Spider-man is really a villain.
Under the influence he exposes him.
Peter realizes the symbiote.
Has he acting unusual.
So he goes to a church bell tower.
He removes it and denounces its powers.
But the symbiote finds a new body in brock.
Brock meets Marko and they plan to stop.
They plan to stop Peter but Spider-Man.
Realizes he needs help to defeat him and Sandman.
So he goes to Harry and Harry rejects him.
but Harry's butler reveals to him.
That his father's death was not in his plans.
He revealed that his father died at his own hands.
A hurt Harry Joins Spider-Man.
Together, they take down the Sand-man.

Tobey Maguire
Peter Parker/Spiderman
James Franco
The New Goblin
Thomas Haeden Church
Flint Marko/Sandman
Topher Grace
Eddie Brock/Venom

© 2017 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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