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Spiderman Homecoming Failed ? Massive Drop Bigger than Batman V Superman?

Updated on July 16, 2017

Spiderman Worst Drop Ever?

Spiderman movie franchise was once a milestone for comic book movies. Until Spiderman 3 and Amazing Spiderman came though they were not critically successful but were a box office hit in terms of cash. SpidermanHomecoming was a big deal for both Sony and Marvel Studios.A lot went down for this deal there was so much controversy with great reviews 93% fresh rating on rotten tomatoes what went wrong what happened?

Spiderman on its opening day and the critic's reviews proved that it was fun great and enjoyable movie. But things just went upside down for the Sony and Marvel co-pro and it dropped a massive 73% in its second week. Spiderman homecoming came up with an opening box office of $117 million dollars little bit less than $120 million dollars but everyone was optimistic about this movie that will have great future weeks. But this drop is massive. Even bigger than Spiderman 3 which was considered as the worst had better second weekend than Spiderman homecoming.

73.2% drop is by far the worst drop for both Marvel and Sony. Even Sony's marketing team did a fine job of making people aware of the movie. With a great opening but failed to bring audience footsteps in the second weekend. From $50.8 million to $13.6 million is a shame even when its best Spiderman movie after Spiderman 2.

I personally loved Spiderman homecoming and Tom Holland portrayal of Peter Parker as well as Spiderman. This may prove that Spiderman movies are no longer money machine that it was used to be once. After so many movies people might have started feeling fatigue from Spiderman movies no matter which studio it is from. People are just not ready to watch something all over again. There have been many cases this year and Spiderman proved out to be one of them.

What could be the reason for this drop?

There are have been many Spiderman movies Sam Rami Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman and now finally marvel version of Spiderman. After Spiderman 2 there was no other Spiderman movie that lived up to its name. Spiderman 3 was high grossing but was critically flop and it was similar with Amazing Spiderman series but the homecoming was critical hit so what went wrong following could be the reason:

  1. The first reason could be the box office competition the new and last instalment War for the planet of Apes as it has excellent review and people were eagerly waiting for this instalment.
  2. The second reason is could be the excellent hold by Despicable me 3, Baby driver, Wonder woman and great performance of The Big Sick.
  3. The third reason could be that people are not interested in another Spiderman remake even the above movies are different even Despicable me 3 is the third instalment but is still fresh then Spiderman.

Spiderman has always been my favourite character someone whom I can relate but so many failed attempts have created problems even for Marvel studios. I am optimistic about the Spiderman performance on box office. It will make money but Marvel and Sony need to do something about this for there next Spiderman movie.

What Spiderman Means And Why It Should Not Flop

Spiderman is a movie that people can relate to it is just not a character. People see themselves as Peter Parker there are a number of kids who are like Peter Parker hesitant clumsy and just want their life to be cool and for Peter, his life becomes cool when he Spiderman. So, does every other kid like Peter wants to be. People might be getting bored of Spiderman but this new movie captures the innocence of Peter Parker confidence of Peter Parker when he is Spiderman. The willing ness to do something good for other and sacrifice. This something that Spiderman taught me when I was a kid and I believe it will teach to our new generation also. Sometimes movies are something that conveys a message gives someone hope. Teaches something good. Marvel has done something in this movie that teaches us everything that I have said. I don't want it to be a flop because it doesn't deserve. It deserves the same love that we once gave it. Tom Holland is a perfect mixture of Peter who is a kid that we all once were and Spiderman someone we want to be someone we idolise. With poor box office, we might not be able to feel that hope and joy that we get after watching Spiderman Homecoming.


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    • Ryan Cornelius profile image

      Ryan Jarvis Cornelius 6 months ago from Hollywood Florida

      I agree. Not a huge fan of it

    • Ryan Cornelius profile image

      Ryan Jarvis Cornelius 7 months ago from Hollywood Florida

      Im pretty sure it is ok but I liked toby maquire but aware he got older but the costume in civil war turned me off from wanting to see it.

    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 9 months ago from Louisiana, USA

      I really enjoyed this film although I was expecting more. Holland did an amazing job in both roles. He is definitely the best actor to portray the character. I have a feeling the sequel is going to be awesome.