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Spider-man Homecoming: Review

Updated on July 16, 2017

Here we go again. A third reboot of Spider-man within the last 15 years, and six films overall with, I'm sure, more to come. Luckily, this time around Marvel spares us the origin backstory we've seen so many times before. Skipping over another uncle Ben being murdered, and another genetically engineered spider biting Peter Parker. This movie jumps right into the middle of the story as we see a true teenage actor, Tom Holland playing the classic character this time around. Desperately trying to become an Avenger, and win Tony Starks (Iron Man) approval.

Lately it seems that Disney/Marvel has been content with making mediocre, and safe movies just so they can dish out the necessary information you need to move onto the next story. We all know that all these characters will converge in The Avengers Infinity Wars which will finally pit all our heroes against the galactic tyrant, Thanos! That's what we've all been waiting for, and with so many characters, and sub-plots, that which was once was fresh and new has become predictable. Spider-man Homecoming, while good, was predictable and ultimately pointless. It had fun, yet forgettable action set pieces, goofy characters, and an interesting enough villain played by, Michael Keaton to keep your attention.

I often wonder how high will this Disney conglomerate go? Eventually it has to fall. Right? They are making billions with movies that have unmistakably become this generations Westerns. They're all the same, and we get one at least every two months, and now we have to also watch them make a Star Wars movie every year, and a live action re-imagining of all their classic cartoons. Basically just redoing the same movies with live actors in them, knowing that it is going to draw the big crowds into paying more money for the same thing all over again. We're being played here people. No doubt the heads of Disney are geniuses. They are a big brand, and they do it well. Good for them. After-all it is not like they are selling us S***! They are just selling us their trademark merchandise just re-packaged, because it works. It's good, and it's safe, and because really. . . who wants something new?

What does going on a Disney rant have to do with Spider-man? Everything! It is the same stuff we have gotten before, and that we'll get soon after. Good job, Disney. I paid you money and most likely I'll go on and pay you more. If you have superhero fatigue, I don't recommend this film. But if you are highly invested, and have made it this far into the story then I suggest you watch this. Just keep swiping that credit card at the movie theater.


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