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Gift Lyrics Spiral Road - Another Song by Tusitala Tom

Updated on August 4, 2017

Making friends at Macquarie Island. Our diesel mechanic checking the penguins oil

Our diesel mechanic figuring out whether these penguins need an oil change.
Our diesel mechanic figuring out whether these penguins need an oil change.

Welcome to Gift Lyrics

The Spiral Road

A song by A. T. Ware

Do we come out of nowhere with nowhere to go?

Is there something required, that we need know?

Do we move up the scale from Amoeba to Man?

Are we nothing, or are we part of a Plan?

Do we climb a Spiral Road, with mind as our load.

Will we ever know the answer, oh Spiral Road?


Spiral Road…Spiral Road…oh, where are you leading us, Spiral Road?

From our first feeble cry to the moment we die, is seems that we’re on a Great Spiral Road.

All our lives we have wondered why we strain for the top,

When we know in our heart such success is a flop.  

Why waste away  hours for those who don’t care,

 And end up depressed, in an old rocking chair?.

Our ego thoughts give us no moments of rest,

 As we reach for that feeling of being the best,



Chorus   2nd time

As I stand before mirror with lather on face,

Thought occurs, have I ever lived other place?

As I look back in time and my eyes fill with tears,

Have I wasted in effort all those precious years?

Are we all on the  a road that leads to our Home,

A place from which there’s no need to roam?

Where family and friends all gather around,

And joy, love and peace are all that abound.


Chorus 3rd time

Yes, we remember the friends who have left us before,

 As our own lives come up to that critical door,

Where we judge ourselves on what we did,

 and nothing but nothing from us can be hid.

And we  make up our own minds on what we deserve,

And nothing of our Real Self is kept in reserve.

For our life was a test where nothing was bought,

As we take Home the qualities we really sought.


Chorus 4th time.

I hope you enjoyed Gift Lyrics The Spiral Road.   It could be just the song for the times.  Anyway, you're welcome to it.   If you can put music to it and can 'put it out there,' you have my blessing.

Be happy.



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