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Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode Recaps

Updated on November 15, 2015
Splitsvilla 8 with Rannvjjay Singh and Sunny Leone
Splitsvilla 8 with Rannvjjay Singh and Sunny Leone | Source

It’s been a steamy July as Spiltsvilla is back on MTV. It’s the same old destination where you get to break heart and bones to win money and fame. We have seen Nikhil Chinappa hosting this so called “reality show” but this year the show is being hosted by its first season host Rannvijay Singh Singha and co-hosted by the oomph queen Sunny Leone, who is hosting the show for the second time.

This year the show seems to be as scripted, fake and typical like the seven other seasons had been. This is the third time that the show is being shot at Goa and so its same old, beach sun, and a whole lot of fun-induced repetitive drama that we have been witnessing for the past seven seasons.

The winner has been crowned!

On the final episode of Splitsvilla 8 on November 14, Prince and Anookhi were crowned as the king and queen. Prince is also participating in Bigg Boss 9 at the moment.

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 1

The very first episode flagged off with the fourteen girls coming in a yacht and introducing themselves and their ambitions in the show. The same old, ‘I am here for the money’ and ‘I am here to make connections’ and ‘I am here to find true love’ blah blah. As the girls chose their respective rooms and entered the pool for some fun, we saw Ranvijay entering. He initiated a brief introduction session with the girls and all of them seemed to be excited to be in his company. Ranvijay discussed what they like the best in a guy which led to reveal that one of the contestant Karishma is a bi-sexual and has fondness towards both girls and guys. Some of the girls seemed uncomfortable with this news.

As Ranvijay made his way out the guys made their way in. The guys were a mix of hunky dory to chubby and cheeky. The girls gelled well and connections seemed to hit of instantly. But there were only seven guys compared to fourteen girls so some of the girls were like fish out of the water. Then came in the eighth guy Mr Tall Dark and Handsome, Prathamesh, he was the only guy who stood out. In the first episode the guys had the power as they could save one girl that they liked. But the games turned dirty when the guys were given the power to evict one girl each. The guys started to break each other connections and which led to instant fights among the guys.

Once all these hula boo were over, Sunny Leone entered in a golden bikini looking all radiant. She lifted the girls spirits up by informing them that none of them were going back home this week and she also brought in a twist with her… What a twist it was…

Sapna Chanana Audition for Splitsvilla 8

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 2

The second episode started with the entry of eight celebrity boys, tall, handsome, famous and with all the moolahs dripping off them. The existing guys seemed to lose all the fizz as the new guys grabbed the eyeballs. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves as now there were more guys than there were girls. The guys who mainly stood out were Roadie X2 winner Prince, Paras and Viren.

In the beginning, we get to see that Sunny engages in a chit-chat session with guys in the pool. While the interaction went smooth, Paras seemed to get into a wrong foot with Sunny by flirting with her which seemed like an attention seeking attempt. Finally, we saw the first task of the season where the guys were supposed to entertain the girls with their activities, romance, sex appeal, entertainment, strength and sense of humour. The guys who performed brilliantly were Utkarsh, Prathamesh and Viren, they seemed to win the hearts of the girls and also entertained them the most. The guys really unearthed their true potential which helped the girls get to know them better.

The Beautiful Sunny Leone
The Beautiful Sunny Leone | Source

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 3

The third episode opened with the girls voting for their favourite performers. Prince, Zaan and Prathamesh got two votes each, so the three guys had the first chance to dump one girl each. The episode had the first elimination with Prathamesh dumping Alisha, Prince dumping Harshita breaking Prathamesh’s connection with her and as Zaan was about to mention who he wanted to dump, Mia fainted. Though it looked unreal and Mia seemed to be completely faking it, but it served the purpose and eventually made Zaan dumping Enakshi, who was the only one girl who seemed vibrant and positive among the lot.

The task for this episode was Balaam Pichkari, where the guys had to splash water on the girls’ clothes and the girls needed to squeeze the water of their tops into a bowl. A lot of skin show I must add. The top 3 winners in this task were Sana, Karishma and Priyanka. After round two and three the three girls who went to dumping round were Sarikha, Mia and Ashmita.

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 4

Episode four had a spicy twist where sparks flew between Sarika and Karishma. The winner of Balam Pichkari task Utkarsh had a special power that he could swap one of the girls in the dumping ground with another girl who was safe, barring the three winners, Sana, Karishma and Priyanka. In the dumping ground, Ranvijay and Sunny tested the connections by asking the three girls who they felt they are most the connected to. While Sarikha mentioned Ravi, Mia mentioned Gaurav and Ashmita mentioned Nishant. Sunny gave the guys a twist asking the guys to swap with the girls and in turn the guys would get dumped on their behalf.

While Ravi chickened out, Nishant was coaxed out by Sarikha but Gaurav stood by Mia and no one could convince him to come out. Utkarsh saved Gaurav and in turn dumped Veronika and the three girls walked out of the show and sealed the exit with Karishma’s revelation that she had feelings for Sarikha. The two girls smooched in front of everyone and created quite uproar. Some candid moments shared between Sana and Utkarsh makes it evident that they are the only genuine couple in the house, who are also potentially the strongest candidates for winning the show.

The episode ended on a note with Sunny announcing that eight guys will be dumped this week and that all sixteen of them were in the dumping zone, but before they went home all sixteen would get a chance to go for a date with a girl of their choice.

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 5

Episode five had full of twists and turns and was a candid one. Now that there were eight girls and sixteen guys it was but obvious that the girls would have to go on a date will multiple guys. While Sana and Utkarsh went for a dance date, Karishma went for a long drive with Prince, Shivam and Abhijit in an open jeep, Anuki went for a beach walk with Zaan, Yash and Ish, Parsh went for a lunch date with Vaidehi, Priyanka and Abhisek went for paragliding while Viren and Ravi looked on, Mia and Gaurav went for beach walk which ended up in a heated conversation. Vanessa had her date with Prathamesh and Amaan in the villa, which left her very agitated as Karishma had stolen her date and Reshu had her date with Nishant and Ishaan in the pool.

In the evening the dumping ground for season eight was revealed which look as flashy as ever. The girls had the power to save their choice of guys. Sana saved Utkarsh, Priyanka saved Abhisek, Reshu saved Ishaan, Karishma saved Prince, Mia chose Viren over Gaurav, Vaidehi chose Paras, Anuki chose Zaan and Vanessa chose Ish. The guys who were left in dumping zone were Prathamesh, Ravi, Nishant, Gaurav, Shivam and Amaan, but in Splitsvilla tradition the only person who can dump in a dumping zone is the Queen.

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 6

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 7: Sunny Leone does not seem happy with what Karishma said

Thorns and Roses was the task for episode 6
Thorns and Roses was the task for episode 6 | Source

Roses and Thorns

Episode six started with the entry of the first queen of season eight, Subuhi Joshi from season six and immediately the entire game changed. She seemed selfish and self-obsessed, rude and ignorant. She dumped Abhisek which left Priyanka teary eyed and Prince which made Karishma mad. Karishma lambasted Subuhi in a fashion which made Sunny very pissed. Abhishek and Prince were replaced by Gaurav and Amaan who seemed the least deserving of the lot. While Prathamesh, Ravi, Shivaam, Nishant, Abhishek and Abhijit got dumped, Prince and Yash got banished.

The task for this episode was thorns and roses and Priyanka and Gaurav surprised everyone by being the fastest and winning it swiftly. Immediately we could see a change in Mia’s attitude towards Gaurav.

Episode seven seems to be having the first competition between the Splitsvilla guys to decide on the first king of the season and with bated breaths now we wait, to see the new twist and turns.

Paras crowned as the new king on Splitsvilla 8

On August 1 episode, Paras finally won the rank of the king.
On August 1 episode, Paras finally won the rank of the king. | Source

Splitsvilla Season 8 Episode 7-8

Episode eight started with everyone going gaga about Gaurav’s performance in the last task. As Mias’s attitude changed towards Gaurav she received a lot of flak from her co-contestants. Everyone understood how fake Mia was. Paras and Ishaan joked and decided to keep Gaurav in good terms with them as he is bi-sexual and with him they would have both the advantages of a King and Queen. Gaurav basked in a lot of attention from everyone which undoubtedly made him incredibly happy.

Next morning the contestants received a scroll and they were informed that the girls would get to choose another contestant as a King contender. The guys tried convincing the girls that they should select Amaad as a contender. Their strategy had been to make Amaad and Subuhi fight against each other rather than keeping them together. It was obvious that Gaurav was weak so the only person who deemed fit in his league was anyway, Amaad.

As the contestant went towards the competition ground, they saw a very action filled pitch set for the competition. All the ladies voted for Amaad but as they had two choices to make, Vanessa chose Issh, Mia chose Viren, Sana chose Utkarsh, Vaidehi chose Paras, Anuki chose Zaan, Reshu chose Ishaan, Karishma and Priyanka chose Issh as well. The connections were very evident amongst most of the contestants.

While Amaad felt very happy and popular, he hardly realised the strategy behind making him the contender. Issh was made the third contender, but then came the twist. In came Subuhi, the queen, who had a special chance to choose another contender for the competition. When she was asked what are the qualities that Subuhi looks inside a king she mentioned, that he should be headstrong, confident, focussed to win and should not be ruled by emotions. When the rest of the guys were asked who wanted to be king, everyone but Paras raised their hands; his logic was that he would rather be with Subuhi than be against her. His reaction obviously hurt Vaidehi, but eventually Subuhi ended up choosing Paras as contender.

It was decided that Paras would go against Amaad and Issh would go against Gaurav. The game was set and the contenders were explained that they would be chained with a long bamboo on their shoulder and they would need to crawl a stretch of sand with their hands tied and cross a zig zag zone of bamboos after that. Once they finish their chains would be unlocked by the girl they choose to assist them and then both of them the girl and the guy would need to solve a puzzle and create a heart. Pieces of the heart would be hidden in the sand and they needed to find the puzzle pieces by digging with their hands. But what made the competition more challenging was that the remaining guys would be entasked to block the contenders in the second stretch.

It was decided that Utkarsh and Zaan would be blocking Paras and while Amaad would be attempting to cross the second stretch Ishaan and Viren would be blocking him. For Gaurav, Ishaan and Viren would be blocking him and for Issh, Zaan and Utkarsh would be doing the neeful. The guys then chose the girls who would be helping them by giving them each a necklace that Sunny gave them. Gaurav chose Priyanka, Issh chose Vanessa, Amaad chose Karishma and Paras chose Vaidehi.

In the first round Gaurav and Issh went against each other. Issh was fast and crawled faster than Gaurav and reached Vanessa who opened his shackles fast. Gaurav got stuck at the second stretch where he was blocked Zaan very tactfully. Issh and Vanessa played with strategy that she would be solving the puzzle and he would be searching the pieces. As Gaurav finished the line Priyanka opened the chains and Priyanka was very fast in searching for the puzzle pieces. But Issh and Vanessa were faster and won by completing the puzzle first.

Round two started with Paras and Amaad. Paras finished the first stretch and moved towards the second stretch where he got stuck with Zaan blocking him. An angered Paras put all his force and shoved Zaan away with full force but meanwhile Amaad caught up. Stretch two was completed first by Paras and Vaidehi swiftly opened the chains. Amaad was not far away and Karishma opened Amaad’s locks quickly. Both teams were neck to neck in competition but Paras and Vaidehi won.

Now came the second twist. It was clear that amongst Paras and Issh one would be the king, but the one who was faster had an advantage. While Paras had completed the round in three minutes fifty six seconds, Issh had taken almost over seven minutes thirty three seconds to complete his task. Paras was the undoubted champion of this round and he had an advantage over Issh. Paras was asked to open the chest which contained the twist. Once Paras opened the chest he came to know that he could only become king if he dumped his connection Vaidehi and if he didn’t do it, the chance would automatically go to Issh.

It wasn’t too difficult for Paras to choose as he was anyway faking his connections, and he basically felt that Vaidehi was the weakest and that had made him choose her on the first place. He dumped Vaidehi who helped him to win the King Competition and had been loyal throughout and became the first king of Splitsvilla 8. While most contenders were shocked and Vaidehi was crushed, but knowing the game, this is how Splitsvilla work and it is never easy to survive.

As soon Paras became the king he had a spat with Viren who said that Paras isn’t trustworthy. The spat was the first ever significant issue among the celebrity guys. This also led to a fight between Zaan and Paras. Paras was anyway pissed with Zaan as he had blocked him unfairly in stretch two. Subuhi asked Zaan if he would break his connection to be with her and Zaan was dumbfounded. Subuhi called Zaan a male bimbo, which he undoubtedly is. Zaan and Viren both ended up pissing Subuhi off, which is not a good strategy at this point of the game. When Paras asked Zaan’s so called connection Anuki whether she would like to connect with him, Anuki promptly replied that she would, and her answer was graced with a lot of appreciation by the new king and queen. Anuki clearly showed a better presence of mind that Zaan lacked. Now with the rule of the Ruthless King and Queen in the show we can expect a lot of hearts to break and lots of twist to come. But what we are missing right now is a good competitor to give Paras a run for his money. The only capable guy is our banished Prince. Let’s eagerly wait and hope that Prince can come back and together with Karishma give Paras and Subuhi some tough competition.


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