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Spoiler Free Review of Room

Updated on September 20, 2016

Room Film Poster


Room is a 2015 Best Picture nominee directed by Lenny Abrahamson. It stars Brie Larson who won 2015 Best Actor/Actress for her portrayal of Joy Newsome. The biggest co-star is Jacob Tremblay who plays Jack, the 5-year-old son of Joy. The film has a R rating for language and suggestive themes. The film has a run time of 1 hour and 53 minutes.


Room is a film about a woman named Joy Newsome that is in a room with her 5-year-old son Jack. The film covers the way the two cope being locked in a room together. With that being all that Jack has ever known, he justifies everything that he sees even on TV. The second act is all about Jack discovering the outside world as he has been stuck in the room with his Ma, as he calls her, for his entire life.


: Room can best be described as innocently heat wrenching. It has two sides that are rather abrasive in terms of appealing to the audience’s emotions. First off, the film depicts the mother and son being stuck in a room. They seem to be managing well, but the child is enjoying it all considerably more than the mother. As a viewer, the tiny size of the room is very evident. This fact is what first strikes the viewer as odd and oppressive. The child does not see any of this and because it is shot from his perspective, it seems less important than one would expect. The film is shot beautifully. The room they are located in is disgusting, but well shot so it gives an appreciation for that even. The first act really covers the way the two cope in this environment. The second act depicts the escape attempts of the mother and child, and the childlike wonder of the newly discovered world outside of the room. There is much drama in this. Things are way more complicated once Brie Larson’s character tries to explain everything to her son. He is struggling with having everything he has ever known being completely turned around. Once Jack learns of the outside, he is willing to do whatever his mother says so that he can experience this breathtaking new world. The third act is really terrifying as it covers the two learning to cope. Joy Newsome has had experience outside of the room, but Jack is learning everything for the first time. Joy has to learn to cope with figuring out how to properly raise her child and not punish herself for this incident.

The score with this film is fantastic. It is subtle enough to never be distracting, yet relevant enough for it to assist in evoking the appropriate emotions in the correct situation. The cinematography is very pretty. Every scene has the wonder of discovery, or the comfort of being well acquainted. The acting is unforgettable. Even young Jacob Tremblay does an Oscar worthy job. Everyone is so convincing that this could easily be mistaken as a documentary. The way Brie Larson shows emotion without talking is a textbook example of “show-don’t-tell.” The script is well written in that all conversations seem organic and nothing is forced. The whole film just flows almost perfectly.

Final Thoughts

This film has ended up being one that just cannot escape thought. It may be one of the best film of all time. It really is only lacking the cultural impact of other films. There is not a single useless scene or dull moment. The story flows perfectly and starts just as strong as it ends.

Grade: A+

Room Movie Trailer

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