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Spongebob Squarepants - Who are they? Who are the cool characters? Plus their best and funniest scenes.

Updated on December 14, 2014

In this hub...

I plan to describe the main characters within the show. They are what makes it so brilliant to watch.

Laughter is the best medicine, and I truly believe this to be so. Watching great comedy like this is brilliant - whether you laugh at stupid characters, immature nature, silly gags, unbelievable situations or just some brilliant comic timing , then this show has everything to make you laugh. Take time to have a look at some of the best moments with the vidoes linked to each character and then please tell me which is your favourite.

Spongebob Squarepants

Childish, joyful and eccentric, this sea sponge is understandably a firm favourite with fans of the show, and with him being the main character it shows why this show is loved by millions.

He lives in a pineapple, which is in the underwater city of bikini bottom. He works at The Krusty Krab as a fry cook (a job he loves and is very good at.)

Although he is good natured, the lack of common sense he shows and the hilarious adventures he gets into because of this, is a constant annoyance to a lot of other characters in the show, especially Squidward Tentacles. Other traits that have entertained millions are the fact that he is immature, fun loving and hyperactive.

A drama queen by nature however, this comes with an innocence and kind-hearted personality. This is shown with his lack of being mean, even to those who are considered enemies. With a gullible nature he is often fooled by these enemies especially Plankton.

Being scared of a lot of things he is often seen panicking or being frightened. He is most afraid of the dark and clowns.


Spongebob's pet snail, Gary only says "Meow." Being a domesticated house pet, the only time he has problems with Gary are of his own making. Although he does hate taking baths - another indication that Snails are similar to cats in Bikini Bottom.

He is a lovable character though due to his high intelligence (he can get frustrated by Spongebob's lack of at times; shown by a roll of the eyes).

Spongebob's love for Gary is undeniable and he will do anything for him. The odd gestures and the response of, "Meow," when Spongebob is talking to him can be very funny.

Patrick Star

Another resident of Bikini Bottom is SpongeBob's best friend - Patrick Star. He is a starfish, who is overweight because of his love for ice cream and junk food, and lives under a rock with neighbours of Spongebob and Squidward.

He is a lovable character who's lack of intelligence and stupid things he says and does due to this are hilarious. It is shown more with his lazyness and being generally ignorant to things around him. Plenty of eposodes he is shown to have difficulty with the most rudimentary tasks and has little if no commom sense. His memory is just as bad, although he can surprise others with a sudden brilliant moment now and again.

With Spongebob by his side and both having good intentions they often get into trouble or cause irritation to other characters.

Squidward Tenticles

Living next to Spongebob and Patrick is Squidward Tentacles in his house shaped like an Easter Island head. An octopus (he only has 6 limbs because the annimators thought 8 would be too hard to animate properly) and he is the Krusty Krab's cashier but, unlike Spongebob, he hates his job.

With his hobbies of playing the clarinet, which he believes he is very talented even though no one else considers him to be any good, and his love of painting, which is also met with this delusional belief in himself, he does feel superior to others. With this superiority complex, he often looks down on others and can't find any joy from mundane activities like Spongebob and therefore he is very lazy.

Squidward's personality gets worse as he is grumpy, miserable jealous and hot-tempered. He comes across with a very sarcastic attitude and does see others as uncivilized morons; he is one of the most educated characters in Bikini Bottom. He often sees himself as being misunderstood and blames others for his short comings. A loser in most things, he is constantly annoyed by Spongebob's and Patrick's antics, which make for hilarious situations.

Mr Krabs

The owner of the Krusty Krab, Mr Krabs (or Eugene Harold Krabs) is a greedy, selfish character who is obsessed with money. In fact this love of money goes that far that he will put this before anything else even his daughter Pearl or even his own well-being. This fact makes him my favourite character because it always makes hilarious situations.

Spongebob adores him and yet Squidward loathes him, and this great trio of characters working at the Krusty Krab make for hilarious moments.

After a life in the navy he bought a bankrupt retirment home and started a restaurant selling his families Krabby Patty burgers. Business rival and arch-enemy is Sheldon Plankton, who were best friends in their youth, are constantly falling out. This is due to the fact that Plankton is always trying to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula.


Sandy is a great character and the most notable female within the series. Being a squirrel she needs to breath air so she needs to wear a space suit when outside her Treedome.

Being a good friend to Spongebob and Patrick she is often entangled up in their schemes through no fault of her own. Being the most intelligent character she can often solve these problems though. With multi-talented skills such as scientist and inventor she is capable of creating extremely advanced devices, which Spongebob does his best to use with hilarious consequences.

A notable characteristic is her Texas accent and is very much a stereotypical 'cowgirl'. She has become homesick because she loves her homeland and its culture.

She is very athletic and physically fit, with her hamster ball for exercise and a love for Karate. Spongebob and Sandy often fight each other in their spare time for fun. Extreme sports and thrill seeking is another past time of hers, which is helped by her immense strength. With this comes a highly competitive streak though, which leads her to brag that 'land creatures' are better than 'sea creatures' and she tries hard to prove this through physical activities.

This is the only real time she acts like this and although she is vastily superiour to others she doesn't look down on them; instead she usually has a kind and caring attitude and is often helping Spongebob and Patrick.

Seen as the baddie, he is the arch enemy to Mr Krabs. His failing restuaruant is next to the successful Krusty Krab and therefore tries in vain to steal the secret behind this success - the Krabby Patty secret formula. The Chum Bucket is doomed to failure though through Plankton's rude and cruel treatment of the people of Bikini Bottom as well as the poor food that is served and the fact that is is never cleaned. Plankton has no regular customers, and therefore can't employ anyone so he runs it by himself, although he does spend most of his time in his laboratory hatching plans to steal the secret formula.

Plankton has married an intelligent computer named Karen, who is often the main source of the plots to steal the secret formula (although Plankton doesn't listen and always takes all the credit). She is a nice computer who just wants to make Plankton happy so she puts up with his selfishness.

Although Plankton is considered the baddie he has a softer side which is rarely shown due to him having no friends because of the way he treats others.

Who is your favourite character?

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Who is your favourite?

So I have described the main characters within the show. There are of course, a lot more minor characters who we see when Spongebob and Patrick get into those awkward moments that make the show so very much hilarious and entertain anyone, from young to old.

So tell me, which character do you think makes the show? My personal favourite is Mr Krabs, with him saying, "money, money, money!" it gets me giggling all the time, (maybe because I know someone like this!!!!)


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