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Sports Talk Radio

Updated on June 23, 2010

Sports Talk Radio

AM Radio offers innumerable entertainment choices; all of which are either talk shows or rock 'n roll oldies. The AM signal travels much farther than the FM signal, but at the cost of reduced fidelity. Since 'talk' consumes a relatively narrow bandwidth and fans of rock 'n roll oldies no longer have ears that work anyway, AM radio is an optimal outlet for these types of programming.

Recently, while driving cross country for no good reason, I was fortunate enough to pick up many entertaining and engaging sports talk radio shows on my crystal set. Perhaps you have enjoyed them as well.

WPIG SportsTalk 1010 : Hosted by Jeff "dirtbag" Phillips and his trusty sidekick "Weather Boy", this rollicking no-holds-barred show never holds anything back and doesn't bar any holds. Tune in on Wild West Wednesday when the hosts discuss shooting cans off a fence post with .22 rifles.

WWWW SportsRadio 1011: Join the SportsTools, who've never met a hold they would bar, as they take on the most controversial sports topics on the local and national scenes. SportsTool Jimmy has his eye on the pulse of the JV Lacrosse team and SportsToolette Jenny never lets go of the ever escalating prices at the batting cages. Jeff and Jenny! What couple of tools!

WWWZ Sports 1750: Tune in to the station inventing holds that would be barred by any other normal station. Will Kobe order mustard on his hot dog? Will LeBron turn left or right out of his driveway? The Sports Dudes always have an opinion. Nothing is off limits, even scores and highlights.

KRUD SportsWorld 1760: While the rest of the sports world was still barring holds, these Sports Wildmen were making fun of athlete's hair styles and GED certificates. Nobody knows their sports quite like these guys. Duke 'The Sports Maniac' Kozlowski was district champion in the 400 yard dash his junior year. Dukes weird and wacky sidekick, 'The Sports Sidekick', lettered in wrestling at 98 pounds all through high school. Every Friday night they broadcast from the shooting gallery at the fairgrounds. Don't miss it!

Sports Talk Radio: Someone thinks this is a sport.
Sports Talk Radio: Someone thinks this is a sport.

Sports Talk Radio

WIGY 540: When it comes to eating, sleeping, and breathing sports, no one is more overfed, well-rested, and hypoxic than home town hero Spunky McSports. Spunky was wearing Manute Bol Pajamas before Manute Bol was cool. Spunky is a veritable walking encyclopedia of sports trivia and trivial sports. Encyclopedia publishers fact-check their statistics by listening to his pod-casts of Spunky's old shows. Tune in nightly as Spunky and his producer debate the 1997 pre all-star game hat size of the Seattle Mariners bullpen catcher.


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      nicomp really 7 years ago from Ohio, USA

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