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Spot The Sumo

Updated on March 29, 2013

The 1st Spot-the-Sumo

Spot the Sumo. What?

So Spot-the-Sumo is a rather self explanatory game that I started to introduce into the videos as they were been made.

I'm not even sure how it began to be honest. I think I came up with the Sumo Films logo and then for some reason inserted one of them into a frame as a challenge to a friend. It was 1st used in an early video called Camel Slap, not a classic I was just playing around with MS Paint and XP Movie Maker and seeing what I could come with, but it was the birth of the game so it has it's place in Sumo Films' history.

From then it became a game of hide n' seek between creator and viewer that others have got themselves involved in. As others have begun playing the challenges have become harder (sometimes I confess a little to hard) but that hasn't stopped the fun.

A Sumo.  Usually a lot smaller and various colours.  Can you spot any?
A Sumo. Usually a lot smaller and various colours. Can you spot any?

Audience Engagement

So the involvement has become a little more elaborate as I've watched families ague over Facebook about the number that they have seen. But at least they are having some fun together.

It gives another to the frames as I draw them I remember to slot them in so if I forget and do this quickly at the end they might flick on and off very fast. So watch carefully.

Pay Attention Class

How did you do?

I won't reveal the answer, that would be cheating. But it's developed in to part of the process now. When I am doodling for a few hours, I have to think back and wonder if I've put any in anywhere and if knot go back and put a few in.

What next?

Now that people are finding them more easily, I'm having to put them in more and more obscure places whilst also remembering that new people are discovering them for the first time and not to exclude them from experiencing the fun and family arguements of who found them first.

The doodling will continue and so I am sure that the little Sumo's will continue to put in an appearance, the question is will you find them all?

Incase you fancied a challange


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