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Spotify or Pandora?

Updated on May 17, 2017

Internet Radio

In the recent years we have seen many people go to streaming music rather than buying individual songs. It seems to be more desirable and possibly cheaper but many people find themselves having trouble deciding which service they want to use or even pay for. The two more widely known serves would be Spotify and Pandora. They both have there pros and cons but they both cater to specific people and personality.


Pandora is an internet radio that started in 2000. They have since built a name for themselves and now are one of the many music streaming apps for apple, android and windows. One downfall is you cant pick a specific song. Pandora was built on its ability to find music you will like based on the music you put in and the likes or dislikes you give it. You are only allowed 6 skips an hour and once you hit your maximum you can watch an ad to retrieve more skips. This is the free version. They recently launched a new version called Pandora Plus. I Give unlimited skips and a very interesting feature. If your out and about and you hit a dead zone. Instead if your music buffering or skipping it will continue playing. It can do this as it is constantly going ahead and queuing up the music in case of this. Pandora isn't for people who want to make there own playlists. This is more for people who want to discover strictly and nothing more and the ultimate Pandora experience comes at a cost of only $5 a month.



Spotify is a slightly newer serves as Pandora was made in 2000 and spotify was made is 2006. It has many features that Pandora does not. Where should I start? Spotify gives you the ability to download music directly to the app on your phone so you can listen without internet. That is if you have the payed version which is $15 a month but opens much more possibility and completely rids the app of advertisements. You have unlimited skips and you can create playlists or discover music as well as the app will create a playlist of the music you like monthly for you and email it to you. There are also stations you can listen to and you can listen to individual songs you picked out. Spotify is for people who know what they want ti hear. Now you can discover music but if your strictly going to discover music then Pandora may be a cheaper and smarter decision.

Which one do you use?

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