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Spy Equipment For The Average Joe

Updated on April 12, 2011

The world is a scary, dangerous place, which is why at any given moment of the day or night, you should be equipped with enough gadgets to make James Bond jealous. Take this list shopping and see how much more interesting your life becomes

Night Vision Goggles

Night vision is surprisingly cost effective these days, so cost effective, in fact, that you'd be mad not to invest in some night vision equipment. Ever wondered just who was scrawling badly painted tags on your front fence? Night vision can tell you. All it requires is that you camp out in your front room, peering out the window all night long, and who doesn't do that anyway, hmmm?


There's no reason not to own a personal GPS unit these days. Every member of the family should be equipped with one. That way, when you agree to meet up in the mall, you can stipulate precise co-ordinates. No more 'oh I thought you meant the other 'Eatyourselfdeadorama Ice Cream Store'.

I'm not talking about Sat Nav here either. GPS should not be restricted to your car. There are plenty of times during the day that you're not in your wheeled chariot, and you should know where you are precisely at all times. Precision saves lives.

Hidden Camera

If you can't document the things you're spying on, then there's no point in spying in the first place, is there? Fortunately, spy cameras come in a wide range of shapes, sizes and disguises these days, so you can take your pick. Some take still photos only, others take video, so you can pretend that you're one of those hidden camera journalists trying to buy cigarettes underage.


These days, you're nobody unless you're carrying around potentially lethal doses of voltage in your front pocket. A personal taser not only protects the amateur sleuth in case of being caught out, but it provides a handy talking point on dates.

Does 28 million volts sound like a lot to you? Well, it gosh darned well is, so make sure you have your liability cover firmly in place before you unleash your taser on any evil doers. There's a chance that they'll fall to the ground convulsing, allowing you to make your escape, and there's a chance that they'll fall to the ground convulsing and die, allowing you to begin your life as a fugitive from the law.


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