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Spy review

Updated on June 18, 2015

Movie review, Melissa McCarthy, Jason Statham, comedy, spy thriller

My summary: Melissa McCarthy is the desk-bound CIA analyst who is made a spy after her spy is killed (in the very beginning) because she is the only person in the organization who the enemy doesn't know. She is told to just follow the enemy and report on it but of course you can't expect that from a movie star like this. Jason Statham is the other spy who decides to take the mission on as well against the orders of his superiors because like everyone else is thinking he is much more qualified than her.

The Good: Melissa McCarthy is back in a role that utilizes her greatest strengths to make people laugh. Thank goodness she did this movie after Tammy so she proved to me she still has it. She's relatable as well as hilarious. The social awkwardness in her character is complimented by Jason Statham who nearly steals the show. I'm used to seeing him in action films but like Mark Wahlberg he has proven that he has some comedic abilities. The comedy in his character is based on how serious the actor manages to deliver his lines. Here's an example of what I mean: He literally stays so serious it is hard to not crack up. Another thing you'll find is that everything he says is so true. He says she is so not qualified to do this mission as opposed to him and he's so right. He doesn't always do the smart thing but that's when it's the funniest. Everything he does he sounds so stone cold serious even if it so ridiculous. His chemistry with McCarthy is the duo of the badass and the other one barely knows what she's doing. The story is surprisingly intriguing as the twist and turns keep coming at the right times. There were moments where I took it as a literal spy thriller film. I felt the same way when I saw Hot Fuzz where it was funny but the story alone made for a thrilling ride itself. I love comedies that can stand on its own even if you take out many of the jokes.

The Bad: The obvious would be that some of the jokes didn't work. But a small problem I had was some of the jokes were needlessly offensive at times. Yes McCarthy's character is overweight in the film but when you start to think about it, it stops being funny. There are so many jokes to her weight it gets not only offensive but also annoying. If you're just able to enjoy the film and understand the jokes should not be used to your friends you can brush it off because there are plenty of clever jokes.

Verdict: Fun

I wouldn't say it's the best comedy but I would say it's probably one of the best this year. It is cleverly written, well executed, great performances, and an all around joyful ride. It kept me on my feet the whole time and left me satisfied. It's a comedy that was thought out not just made for a buck. The thrills, laughs, atmosphere and all worked together perfectly. I would highly recommend seeing this over Jurassic World.


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