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Sri Lankan Sinhala Movie "Karma" - Preview - trailer

Updated on September 13, 2012

Karma is a film by Prasanna Jayakody and produced by Rasitha Jinasena. The film cast comprise Michele Herft, Jagatha Manuwarana and Nadeeka Guruge. Music is also done by Nadeeka Guruge in this movie.

The movie brings a story of a 23 year old boy (Piyal) who is emotionally troubled over his mother's death. He seeks an escape of this suffering by moving to an apartment in the city where he meets Amanda. How will Amanda affect Piyal's life ? Is it another guilt or realizing the eternal truth about life ? You can find the answer by watching the movie soon when it is released to the movie theaters soon.

Here is the official trailer of the "Karma" movie.


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