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St. Hood-Finnish Hardcore Thrash Metal Band That Has Politically Based Lyrics

Updated on October 28, 2017

The album cover of the album For The Dead

The cover for the album For The Dead has an angel that is looking over and praying for those souls that have departed the Earth.There is one bird on the left of the angel and one on the right of the angel.
The cover for the album For The Dead has an angel that is looking over and praying for those souls that have departed the Earth.There is one bird on the left of the angel and one on the right of the angel.

Who are St. Hood?

St. Hood is a Finnish hardcore metal band with thrash metal elements. Their 2009 album called For the Dead really deserves a review because it is hard hitting, technical, and HEAVY as heck! One of the qualities that makes these guys stand out is that their lyrics have to do with political themes. The band has been active since 2003 and they are from the cities of Lahti and Helsinki.

Songs such as Call to Arms and Control really set the tone for this album

But starting off the album is a short instrumental called Call to Arms. It is a beautiful way to start off the album and it shows the band’s technical skills even when they play soft. This album is revolutionary because not only does it take hardcore to the next level. It also proves that these guys are far superior to heavy US bands and they are more entertaining. This is a huge statement here but these Finnish guys are seriously good! Vocalist Sami Halme has some of the best shouting hardcore vocals I’ve heard! Bring Forth the War is about a group of soldiers ready to do battle to rid the world of hate and they know that they might die but sometimes there has to be sacrifice made. Sometimes you have to stick to your values and fight for what you know is right. The album has 12 songs but it is very short, being just over 35 minutes long. My favorite song on this album is Control and that’s the song that got me listening to this band. The song is about resisting the forces in this world that try to control us. It is said that knowledge is power and we must use this knowledge to find out the truth about some of the most pressing issues of our time. Sami says in the song that we must build up our strength by learning about what is really going on in the world. We control our destiny don't we? Yes we do!

Why is this album significant?

Wide Awake is about someone that grew up thinking that the world was a place that was good. However, he has grown tired of the injustice and inequality that exists in this world. We must go out there and fight for what is right. This is one of those metal albums that could serve as a good coping mechanism to deal with the uncertainty and craziness going on in Washington DC. If we do a quick analysis of how these kinds of metal albums have evolved, it was Sacred Reich that brought attention to the social problems that were facing the world, particularly the United States with their great song "The American Way" in 1990. Testament followed that a few years later with their awesome politically themed song P.C. I could say that these two bands set a sort of precedent that other bands were influenced by.

The song called Control

Can't Rise Above is another very good song in this album

Can’t Rise Above is a song about someone who hates the world more and more as the days go by. He feels that no one can save him, no one can help him and he is all alone in an increasingly rough world filled with hate. However, I think that the band wrote this album to raise awareness of the fact that the world is getting harder for many people. Dead World is a song that talks about the possibility of the world being too hard to live in. Wars are often started for profit as the people of the countries suffer. Do we really live in a world that is dead? Have we lost our moral and ethical values? In the United States, there has been a massive erosion of family values as the number of single parent households has increased. Also, the wrong kind of politicians are voted into office and they work to enrich themselves and line their pockets with wealth while many of their supporters suffer. We can’t be sure whether the band intended to be political or not but there’s a good chance that this was their intention.

Favorite Finnsh thrash or hardcore metal band

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The song called Wide Awake

Some final thoughts about the band St. Hood

One thing that I see in this album is more than just heavy thrash riffs. There is melody as well. Through the power of music, St. Hood proves that they are one of Finland’s best bands, much better than Mental Care Foundation. Move over Henrik Klingenberg you’ve got company! Overall, this album is one of the best hardcore thrash releases in the world and it’s a shame that St. Hood isn’t more popular because they can really play well!

The song Can't Rise Above

The song called This is It


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