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St. Louis Radio Show Review - The Mindset on 550AM KTRS

Updated on June 11, 2011

John Brown of "The Mindset" on KTRS St. Louis

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The Mindset on KTRS St. Louis

I admit I am a talk radio junkie. I will listen to music every now and then but talk radio fun and informative. Since last Spring, a radio I like to listen during my lunch hour is The Mindset on KTRS 550AM in St. Louis. This features a variety of topics from news, what is going on locally in St. Louis, sports, business, and entertainment.

The host of The Mindset is John Brown. John Brown is an anchor and reporter for KTVI Fox 2 in St. Louis. Before coming to St. Louis, Brown was an anchor on the show, "The Daily Buzz" a nationally syndicated morning show. Before the "The Daily Buzz", Brown was an anchor at KSPR in Springfield, MO. John Brown is a native of the state of Missouri and has authored a few books, one of which is called "Missouri Legends".

One of the popular features of "The Mindset" is the web the "Pic of the Day". Who knows what John Brown and his producers will post on the website. Also, the producers of "The Mindset" will play caller praises and complaints on the "Speak Your Mindset" line. Trust me, you will never know what you will hear played back on-air. What I like about the show is the variety of topics the show covers. On a typical day, you may hear everything from the healthcare debate to Cardinals baseball to American Idol updates. Even though I live in Springfield, IL, 90 miles to the north, I really like the format of the show.

"The Mindset" airs from 12pm to 3pm Central on KTRS 550AM St. Louis. I cannot forget to mention listening to KTRS local news with Shawn Balint at the top of the hour. With baseball season underway, the program will be pre-empted for St. Louis Cardinals Baseball broadcast. KTRS is the flagship station of St. Louis Cardinals Baseball.

Well, if you do not live near St. Louis, here are some helpful links to learn more about "The Mindset": - search the mindset

5/30/11 Update - I recently learned on KTRS and through the Orlando Sentinel that John Brown is leaving FOX 2 KTVI and KTRS 550 AM to become the morning news anchor at WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando in mid June. I do not know if he will be doing a radio show down there but I wish him the best of luck. He lived in Orlando previously when he was one of the anchors of the Daily Buzz, a nationally syndicated news show. Best of luck on your promotion and the St. Louis area will miss a fine radio and television personality.

6/11/11 Update - John Brown's last day on the radio in St. Louis was yesterday, June 10th. He will remain on FOX 2 St. Louis until the following week. At the end of the month, he will start his morning anchor duties on WOFL FOX 35 in Orlando, Florida.


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