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Stalker -- Haunted House

Updated on November 12, 2014

Halloween Hijinks

It's Halloween and it's the perfect time of year to be stalked. It's even a better time to dress up as a clown and stalk someone. Add living in a house that's supposed to be haunted and you've got the perfect recipe for some Halloween hijinks.

Laurie is at a costume shop trying on Halloween costumes when a creepy looking clown [are there any other types of clowns?] tosses a ball to her. Frankly, if he'd done it to me, I'd be somewhat freaked out. Laurie, however, thinks it's just a game and throws it back. But she finally gets this isn't fun and games when the clown tosses the ball at her again, only this time hard enough to put a hole in her back.

Scared, she screams and escapes the clown. Laurie and her roommate go to Beth, and Laurie's roommate is convinced that Laurie's ex, Bobby, was behind the incident, because he's been stalking her. As it turns out the BFF is right and the person in the clown suit was Bobby's BFF, but he says it was just a prank. Against her BFF's advice, Laurie won't press charges and just wants to let the whole thing drop. But will Bobby let it go?

Later that night Laurie thinks she hears someone in the house she and her BFF are renting. When she goes to investigate the lights go out downstairs and then they come back on. That's when she's sees, "Get Out," written in blood on the wall. It seems Laurie doesn't just have bad taste in boyfriends, she has it in houses, too, as the house she's renting is supposed to be haunted. Beth and company immediately are set to blame Bobby for this incident, too, but he's got an alibi.

The story of the house is that a couple named Beverly and Greg Minor lived there. When she learned her husband was having an affair she killed herself. And out of guilt Greg then killed himself. And it seems ever since then all the tenants of the house have experienced strange occurrences in the house.

The eye of suspicion falls on Dr. Lewis Atwood who lived in the house before the girls did. He's found with files on Laurie and her roommate Annie. Making him look even more guilty is the report of him stabbing a female student and draining her of her blood.

On the Jack front, after his one nighter with Janice he's acting like she's got cooties and doesn't want to be around her. He's being very uncool about the whole thing, while she's handling it the way he should. Jack is also having trouble with Amanda, who claims he's up to his old tricks when he illegally enters a house. I should actually feel sorry for this chick, but she's just so nasty I'm actually feeling sorry for Stalker Jack. She keeps making her threats but does nothing about them. I don't know how many episodes this has been going on for, but just piss or get off the pot, already. Janice decides to nips Jack's crummy behavior in the bud by going to his place and saying she's not there for sex and offers him friendship. He's lucky. If he treated me the way he's treated her so far I'd treat him like Typhoid Tommy and act like he was a walking STD I didn't want to get near me for fear I'd catch it.

Of course Jack isn't making things better of the Awful Amanda front, as he stalks her and his son as they're out trick or treating. Seems the kid has never met him, so there's some strange story there that's yet to be revealed. Jack ends up helping his son when he's being picked on by some bullies. Of course, if Bitcharella finds out she won't be grateful he protected their son, she'll be all, "I'll huff and puff and blow your house down to him."

Speaking of houses, Atwood seems to be obsessed with the haunted house. He sneaks in to the house during the big Halloween party Laurie and Annie throwing. He's doing something in the basement when he gets attacked and killed by the ghost haunting the house. It turns out the ghost is none other than Greg Minor who isn't really dead, but who is really crazy.

When Bobby is trying to plead with Laurie for another chance, Greg attacks him and abducts Laurie. Jack and Beth have to search the house for his secret lair to rescue Laurie and take down Greg.

Beth is thrilled when Laurie viciously rejects Bobby when he's genuinely concerned about her and what she went through. Me, I thought she came off as a stone cold bitch and wasn't the least bit sympathetic or cheer-worthy for the way she treated Bobby. The guy genuinely loved her. It wouldn't have killed her to give him another chance. Jack kind of felt the same way, but then he's coming from the Bobby perspective, himself.

Meanwhile on the Perry front, Perry has learned Beth's real name. It's Michelle Weaver. He reads newspaper articles about how her family was killed. When Perry and Beth have an encounter he even calls her Michelle to rattle her cage. She ends up calling a mental institution about someone there on a 5679. She wants to make sure the man is still in custody.

Like I said previously, I think Perry will use his money to somehow get the man Beth is afraid of released to get revenge on her. Then he can just sit back and enjoy the show.


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