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Stalker -- The Fear Stalker

Updated on October 29, 2014

Your Fears Are My Joy!

Proving that Stalker is the perfect companion piece to the often disturbing Criminal Minds, they had as big as a gross-out case as Criminal Minds did. I shudder to think what they'll both do for their Halloween episodes.

A woman named Kristen comes home from a blind date with a guy named Zach who she blows off at her front door, then she goes in to take a shower. When she comes out her apartment is pitch dark. She discovers all the light bulbs have been removed from her lamps. She also discovers she's not alone. There's someone with her and he's filming her terror of being trapped in the dark. She freaks out to such a point she hurls herself through a closed window. The dark is her secret fear.

Could her blind date Zach have done this to her in retaliation for blowing him off? He's cell phone is found in a neighboring house. So all eyes turn to Zach as a suspect, until he's found locked in the trunk of his own car in the garage.

It turns out that Kristen has been doing some online dating. She's slept with a few men in a series of one night stands. And it seems one of them may be her stalker.

As it turns out the stalker doesn't just confine himself to one online dating sight. He's targeting a host of them and the women using them. As the man trolls another site for a new victim, he's getting his jollies watching the video he shut of how terrified Kristin was in the dark.

With his next victim he fills her house full of snakes, which are her secret fear, as well as mine. I'm even afraid of worms. She walks through her home not noticing the slimy slithering snakes all over the place. Then she claims in bed and feels something in it with her and it's a snake and she starts freaking out. As with Kristen, the stalker gets her fear and terror on tape so he can watch it later to get his jollies.

It turns out that Chris Stillwell is the stalker. Years ago he raped a woman named Megan Stewart. To get away from him, Megan became Angela Darrow. She died her hair and put on weight so he wouldn't be able to recognize her and find her, again. It turns out that all the women he's talking resemble Megan.

I guess since he knows they're not who he really wants that's why he isn't raping them. Instead he's terrorizing them by making their worst fears to come true to get off that way. And he's already got a new victim in his clutches. This time the woman is tied with duct tape and he lets her see his face. It seems he's escalating and no longer being some faceless stalker in the shadows is enough for him. He wants his victim to know who he is. It also means he's no longer just satisfied with terrorizing these women. Now he needs to kill them to amp up his pleasure.

His latest victim has a phobia of drowning, apparently. He has her tied in a bath tub and the tub is filling up by slow torturous drip by drip as he watches it all play out on a monitor. And that's how Beth and Jack find him. Thanks to Megan, Jack knows Stillwell has a fear of his own. He's afraid of heights. So Jack decides to turn the tables of Stillwell and give him a taste of his own medicine. He drags Stillwell's crummy butt up to the roof of the building he's in and threatens to toss him off he doesn't tell where he's got his latest victim. Showing how big and brave he is, he cracks like a walnut in two seconds.

The latest victim's head falls beneath the tub full of water as Beth and Jack burst into the room. They get to her in the nick of time, saving her life. This time Stillwell and his money will hopefully not get off so easy as he did in the case of raping Megan. With the knowledge Stillwell is behind prison bars, Megan can hopefully take back her life and start living for the first time in a long time.

Jack seems to be trying to put the moves on Beth, but she tells him thanks but no thanks. So he asks team member, Janice, who he'd previously rejected because he didn't do office romances, out. When Jack brings her back to his place to have sex, he has to quickly remove all the pictures of Amanda from his Stalking Wall of Shame.

Meanwhile, Perry is back and he's still stalking Beth. While she's conducting a self-defense class, she feels like she's being watched but blows it off as paranoia. Meanwhile her friend who was stalked is getting more and more involved with Perry, who is calling himself Brody, in case she should mention his name to Beth. He pumps her for info on Beth. She tells him how Beth saved her from her ex-husband who was stalking her and says that Beth had a worst stalking even in her own past, but she doesn't know what it was, because Beth won't talk about it.

Later, Perry runs a background check on Beth and learns Beth Davis didn't exist before she joined the police department. So it seems like Megan, Beth took on a whole different name to escape her stalker and to prevent him from finding her. If the stalker was dead, it would seem that Beth wouldn't need to have changed her identity. She could still be who she was originally.

It also seems that Perry is quite the artist. He has his Stalking Wall of Shame filled with a bunch of sketches he's done of Beth. I wonder if Perry's next plan is to find out who was stalking Beth and bring them back into her life. That way he can sit back and watch someone else do his dirty work and enjoy paying it back.


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