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Stalker -- The Stalker And The Stalked

Updated on October 5, 2014

Shades of Pretty Little Liars

If you watch Pretty Little Liars and recognized the woman being stalked by the guy in the hoodie as Melissa from Pretty Little Liars, you couldn't help thing of the mysterious A, who runs around in a similar hoodie, terrorizing four teenage girls in the town of Rosewood. I have to think it was done of purpose, only this hoodie wearing stalker was even more vicious than Pretty Little Liars' A. He doused Melissa with gasoline and set her on fire, killing her. By the way, that mask the guy was wearing under that hoodie was beyond creepy. It definitely outdid the shiny plastic Ali mask A wore on the show.

Jack Larsen has an interview with Beth Davis who is head of the stalker unit. It's a very cringe-worthy interview. He seems to be trying over-hard to sell himself. Or it could be that there's something very off about him. At the scene of Melissa's homicide he tries to impress Beth with his powers of observation. Then he makes it worse by saying she doesn't like him because he looked at her breasts during his interview, which were pretty over-exposed in her unbuttoned blouse that could have used to have another button buttoned on. Of course, one thing that won't impress Beth is she should find out is Jack himself is a stalker and he transferred to the stalker unit so he could continue to stalk the object of his obsession.

Lori Carter is leaving work when the hoodie douses her with gasoline, but unlike Melissa she's able to get away from him and save her life. It turns out she knew Melissa and that she's living in Melissa's old apartment. Jack discovers where the stalker was spying on Lori and Melissa before her.

Melissa was having an affair with a married man named Larry Myers, only she hadn't know he was married, and when she found out she dumped him. Even though Larry has an alibi for the time Melissa was murdered, it turns out he was the one stalking her and had a stalking partner. His stalking partner, Kurt, was the one who was stalking Lori. She made the mistake of rejecting him overtures. Afterwards the two dumped dudes teamed up to become a stalking team. However, it was Kurt who murdered Melissa and tried to murder Lori.

When Kurt kidnaps Lori and douses them both with gasoline planning for them to both go up in flames, Jack and Beth stop him in the nick of time and save Lori. Meanwhile the woman Jack is stalking, Amanda, confronts Jack about his stalking and tells him to leave her alone. He says that Amanda's son is his son and that she won't let him see him. Amanda tells him to stay away from her and walks out the door, but it seems pretty obvious he's not going to stop.

Beth is also called in on a case where one college roommate beat up the other roommate. The student that got beaten up was Perry Whitley, but it turns out he's not the victim he's making himself out to be. The other roommate Eric beat him up to try and make him leave him alone.

Perry secretly taped Eric and his girlfriend having sex and then released it to ruin Eric's relationship with his girlfriend. The girl thought Eric had secretly taped them. When Eric comes back to his room he finds Perry waiting for him there. He tells Eric how easy it would be to poison his beer. Reaching his breaking point, Eric comes to Beth asking for help. He tells her how Perry won't leave him alone.

Legally, there's not anything Beth can do. Perry was clever enough to make Eric look like the bad guy. And Eric made himself look worse by beating up Perry. Now Perry is perceived as the victim and there's no way for Eric to prove that he's the real victim.

Beth takes matters into her own hands when she gives Perry a taste of his own medicine by stalking him. She roughs him up and tells him to leave Eric alone, but she may have made a very bad mistake. It seems Beth's actions have made Perry decide to stop stalking Eric and to start stalking Beth. And he knows where she lives, as he stands outside her building as she goes to bed for the night.

It also seems Perry won't be Beth's first stalker. Jack's observations of how Melissa used to sleep facing the door so she could see any shadow under the door is the way Beth sleeps at home. And from her comment about being able to wear her blouses buttoned a little too low showing off a lot of boob seem to hint there was a time she felt she couldn't dress in a sexual manner. So it seems Beth has been stalked in the past.

I heard a lot of critics complaining about the show, but I liked it. It seems a good companion piece for Criminal Minds. I also think the two protagonists' Beth and Jack offer you both sides of the coin. With Beth and the other stalking victims we see the point of view from the stalking victim. And with Jack you have the point of view of the stalker. It's also interesting that neither Beth nor Jack are playing by the rules.

What Beth did to Perry was definitely stepping across the line. She stepped over the line from cop to vigilante. And what Jack is doing is definitely crossing the line, and the fact he's had the gall to join the stalker unit makes it even more twisted. Did he join the unit so Amanda won't feel she's able to come to the stalking unit for help against him when he's a member of the unit?

One thing is for sure, it's going to be interesting when Beth discovers Jack is stalking Amanda. And the big question is just how far will Jack take his stalking of Amanda.


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    • profile image

      temptor94 2 years ago

      Interesting hub! I have this TV show on my wishlist for a while now. Your review has made me want to check it out sooner. I follow Pretty Little Liars and if this one has a stalker more dangerous that 'A', it's definitely worth watching.