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Stalker -- Whose Stalking Who?

Updated on November 12, 2014

Is the Victim really the Villain?

Andrea Brown is having a party at her home when the lights suddenly go on and off. She hears her dog barking. And Robert Flack's The First Time starts playing. She's convinced it's the work of her bitter and vengeful ex-husband.

Meanwhile Jack's still playing stalker, only this time it's with his son. He nearly gets caught by Amanda's boyfriend. She later warns him to stay away from HER son and says she's going to tell Beth the truth about him if he doesn't transfer out of her jurisdiction.

Things don't look good for Andrea's ex. He tried to strangle her once. Seems he has cause to hate her guts. She took everything he had in the divorce, she even got custody of their dog. The Roberta Flack song was even her and Kenneth's song. So the dude has reason to want to get revenge on her.

And the case against Kenneth looks even worse when Andrea's dog is killed. Especially when his new girlfriend, Melissa, finds something incriminating against Kenneth and turns it over to the police.

This was one of those times I couldn't stand the supposed good guys. They were all so anxious to jump on the Kenneth is guilty bandwagon. Meanwhile there seems something off about this whole thing and it all seems a little too pat. Something the geniuses investigating this case can't see. They're too anxious to rush to judgment.

Kenneth tries to tell them that Andrea is a whackjob and that she's doing this all herself. That she taped the two of them having sex and sent it to his girlfriend to cause trouble between them. And you know what? He's right about his ex-wife.

She's done all this to herself to frame him. She thought taking all his money would force him to come back to her. She even killed her own dog and framed him for it to make him look guilty. She thinks that once she gets his girlfriend out of the way, nothing will be standing in her way to get Kenneth back.

When Melissa comes to see Andrea to say how sorry she is for sleeping with her husband and not seeing how sick Kenneth was, she gets bashed in the head by Andrea. It takes her awhile to put it all together, but Andrea spells it out for her that she believes she'll get Kenneth back once she kills Melissa. She intends to frame Melissa for being her stalker and make it look like she was the one who set up Kenneth to make him look guilty.

The team finally take their collective heads out of their butts and rush to Andrea's to save Melissa from her clutches. I bet none of them will apologize to Kenneth and playing right into his sick ex-wife's maniacal plans.

Back to the Jack drama, Amanda's boyfriend Trent [a cop, too] warns Jack to stay away from Amanda. And Amanda reveals the big secret she has against Jack. He slept with the key witness in some case. To be honest, when I heard that was what she has against him it made me want to go, "Pfft!" Talk about much ado about nothing.

Jack decides to make a preemptive strike by telling Beth the big secret Amanda has on him. She doesn't seemed any more impressed than I was by the whole thing. She just tells him to fix it, because he's good and she doesn't want the team to lose him. So Jack goes to Amanda trying to make nice and asking her to give him another chance and to let him stay.

Seriously, if that's all the dude did, Amanda just seems like a Grade A bitch for the way she's behaving against him. So she won't let him have anything to do with his kid because of that? Really?

Don't get me wrong. I still find Jack extremely creepy as well as his stalking tendencies. But it's coming off that he's been forced to do it by a vengeful bitch who won't let him have anything to do with his kid. She acts like she's Princess Pure. What? Did his screwing a witness screw up her court case or something?

Unless there's more to this big secret than what's been revealed she just comes off as a pathetic and nasty bag. Instead of stalking this insect, why doesn't Jack take her to court and get some rights to see his kid. As things are, I can't help but hope someone has enough of Awful Amanda and pops her to get her off the show.

Killing her off has some benefits for Jack's story. He could get custody of his kid and have to be a father to him. And since he's so obsessed with the blonde nitwit he could become obsessed with finding out who killed her. Hey, Jack could even be considered a suspect in killing her, since she's giving him plenty of reason to want to get rid of her.

The show should really consider getting rid of the Amanda character. She really adds nothing to the show. For a show trying to educate the audience about stalkers and how dangerous they are, the Amanda character makes you sympathize with her stalker, which kind of goes against what the show's message is. She really is the sour point in the entire cast.

Like Andrea, Amanda isn't coming off as the victim in this mess. She's coming off as the villain who has driven Jack to become a stalker because of her unreasonable attitude towards him.


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    • MandiGirl profile image

      MandiGirl 3 years ago from Arkansas

      I'm a fan of this show, but like you, I'm also not a fan of Amanda.