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100 Crazy Hubs - Star Trek Movie Review

Updated on May 13, 2009
The Original Star Trek
The Original Star Trek

Hub 3 of 100 in 30 days

The "Star Treking across the universe!" tune danced through my mind as I prepared to see the latest movie. I'm not a Star Trek geek, but the action-packed preview clips whet my appetite. I didn't want to repeat my Star Wars episode in which I drank so much coke that by the latter part of the movie I was racing to the toilet before I burst and left a disgusting trail through the movie theater. We won't even contemplate the embarrasing thought of having a big whet patch on jeans or trousers.

As I said I'm not a Star Treek geek. I have no Starship Enterprise hanging from my bedroom ceiling. In fact I don't have any models in my room, including the Spok's gal who's stunning smile sparkled and touches the heart. The movie brought back memories of watching Star Trek when I was much younger. It wasn't so confusing as the Star Wars prequels. Ok, I can admit I'm more a Star Wars geek, lol. The plot was great! What better than seeing the 'baby' version of Spok being taunted and picked on; and seeing the rebellious James Kirk playing up. The conflict between Spok and Kirk was intriguing and I loved the Spok knock out grip. I was disappointed that Kirk never got the gal though. Like me he was charming and corny to the gals, lol. The movie was action-packed and rivetting.

As a kiwi (New Zealander) it was great to see a kiwi staring in the movie; Bones is from New Zealand. Star Trek was so enthralling that when the movie finished I was thinking "already?". It had lasted for two hours. Maybe this meant to be like this so that we will be anticipating a follow-up Star Trek prequel! One of the reviews I saw on TV gave it 4.5 out of 5. I think they are pretty close to the mark! I would give it 4 out of 5! We normally get the movies downunder in New Zealand months after it is released in the US. So we were delighted to not have to wait so long this time. I'm still not a Star Trek geek, lol.

As for upcoming movies "Hangover" looks like a real laugh. Just watching the preview left me laughing hillariously. I actually jumped once when something absolutely unexpected flashed before my eyes; Mike Tyson suddenly punches one of the lead goofs, oops I mean characters, lol. The other must see is "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" looks absolutely stunning! I am even more excited by this thrilling on the edge of your seat potential experience. Bring it on!

Brendan Roberts is a writer, author and hidden comedian from New Zealand. You can see his hubs or check out his books, articles and even poetry on and


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