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Star Trek Rejuvenated in New Movie

Updated on April 28, 2009

Beam Me Up, Scotty!

There may be Star Wars, Battlestar Gallactica, and a host of starship adventures you follow but they all started with Star Trek, the infamous late 1960s adventures of the USS Starship Enterprise, its Captain Kirk, Vulcan Spock, Doc McCoy and Zulu. Although the show was almost cancelled and lasted only a few years, it has endeared like a old 67 Corvair into the 21st Century.

Star Trek movies are nothing new, but by the 5th one (out of 10!), things did go stale. The last one in 2002, grossed only $43 million. The TV show still is great to watch because of the characters and personalities, if you took them out of a sci-fi drama, they would be at home in another genre. It was difficult to watch our favorite actors in their roles age. Look at Shatner now and then. Look at Nimoy then and now. The images of a Star Trek crew that burned into our minds were youthful actors in their prime (just as we were the kids waiting for each episode). Thus, by the 5th Star Trek movie, things did not look right nor feel right; yes, it was a psychological mindset in the audience but an aging Star Trek crew while familiar to our eyes, lost box office revenue.

The New Star Trek movie is coming on May 8th. At a pricetag of $150,000,000 to shoot, its director, J.J. Abrams (who was not a trek fan!) has tried to remain faithful to the legions of baby boomers who grew up with it, love it, follow it, while trying to put it on a new edge. He is known for directing the TV shows, "Lost", "Alias", and at age 42, missed the Star Trek franchise. He grew up in the 70s and 80s with Dungeons and Dragons and preferred the old Twilight Zone re-runs. He is from the pre-Internet era.

The script for the movie tells us how it all began. It is the story of Kirk, Spock and the other key characters that other space shows try to emulate. How a reckless 23rd century youth named James Kirk enrolls in the Academy because of his father's death. He is drawn to other talented cadets who clash with a Vulcan named Spock. They become the crew of the USS Enterprise. Together, they take on the Romulans.

If the movie fails, the plans to revive the franchise are doomed. So, even though there are plenty of hints and parts of the original Star trek, like sayings, mannerisms etc., the director has tried to provide it with more flash with attitude. Chris Pine plays James Kirk.

This is a must see for any Trek fan!


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