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Star Trek Universe Timeline

Updated on January 13, 2020

Star Trek Universe Timeline

Ever wonder if Gene Roddenberry ever sat down and work out a timeline, or if he just wrote amazing storylines and they somehow fit chronologically?

I did and decided I would try and work it out according to stardates and correspond with episodes from The Original Series, Enterprise, Voyager, Deep Space Nine (DS9) and the movies.

I will in time include the newer releases, and hopefully, they did Roddenberry justice, because I once I worked it out, I was really impressed!


Let's start from the very beginning...

Birth of the Universe - Death Wish (Voyager)

3.5 Million Years - All Good Things (Next Generation)

Approximately 2840 BC - All Our Yesterdays (Original Series)

1893 - Time's Arrow (Next Generation)

1930 - The City On The Edge Of Forever (Original Series)

1944 - Storm Front (Enterprise)

1947 - Little Green Me (Deep Space Nine)

1957 - Carbon Creek (Enterprise)

1968 - Assignment: Earth (Original Series)

1969 - Tomorrow Is Yesterday (Original Series)

1986 - The Voyage Home - (Star Trek IV)

1992-1996 - Eugenics Wars (Khan Comics) & Future's End (Voyager)

2000 - 11:59 (Voyager)

2004 - Carpenter Street (Enterprise)

2024 - Past Tense (Deep Space Nine)

2032 - One Small Step (Voyager)

2026-2053 - WWIII:- (First Contact); New Eden (Discovery); In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II (Enterprise); The Savage Curtain (Original Series) & Encounter at Farpoint (Next Generation)

2054-2079 - Post-atomic Horror:- (First Contact); Attached (Next Generation); Encounter at Farpoint (Next Generation); Up The Long Ladder (Next Generation) Fallen Hero (Enterprise) & Homestead (Voyager)

2063 - First Contact (First Contact)

2151-52 - Enterprise S1

2152-53 - Enterprise S2

2153-54 - Enterprise S3

2154-55 - Enterprise S4

2255 - Discovery

2156-60 - Earth Romulan War:- In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II (Enterprise) & Balance of Terror (Original Series)

2161 - United Federation of Plants:- These Are The Voyages (Enterprise Season Finale)

2233 - Star Trek (2009)

2233-58 - Nero Comics

2245-50 - NCC1701 Launched Captain R April, 5 Year Mission (Enterprise)

2254 - The Cage (Original Series)

2258-59 - Star Trek (2009)

2259 - Khan Comics

2259-60 - Star Trek Into Darkness

2260-65 - Star Trek Beyond

2265/Star Date (SD) 1000-1499 - Where no man has gone before (Original Series)

2266-67/SD 1500-3299 - Original Series S1

2267-2268/SD 3300-4799 - Original Series S2; The Trouble with Tribbles (Original Series) & Trials and Tribble-ations (Deep Space Nine)

2267-2269/SD 4800-5999 - Original Series S3

2269/SD 4800-5999 - Animated Series S1 & Killing Time (Novel)

2270/SD 6000-7409 - Animated Series S2

2273/SD 7410-7599 - Motion Picture & Original Series

2275 - Spock's World (Novel)

2278/SD 7818.1 - USS Bozeman Launched:- Cause and Effect (Next Generation)

2285/SD 8100-8299 - The Voyage Home (Movie)

2286/SD 8300-8399 - The Final Frontier (Movie)

2293/SD 9500-9999 - The Undiscovered Country (Movie); Generations (Movie) & Flashback (Voyager)

2298-2364 - The Lost Era (Novel)

2333-2355/SD 10000-32999 - Stargazer (Novel)

2354-81/SD 31000-58999 - New Frontier (Novel)

2364/SD 41000-41999 - Next Generation S1 (Mentioned SD41153 S1. E1)

2365/SD 42000-42999 - Next Generation S2

2366/SD 43000-43999 - Next Generation S3

2367/SD 44000-44999 - Next Generation S4 & Emissary (Deep Space Nine)

2368/SD 45000-45999 - Next Generation S5

2369/SD 46000-46999 - Next Generation S6 & Deep Space Nine S1

2370/SD 47000-47999 - Next Generation S7; Q-Squared (Novel); Deep Space Nine S2 & Enterprise Season Finale

2371/SD 48000-48999 - Generations (Movie); Deep Space Nine S3 & Voyager S1 (SD 48315 Dr Activated, mentioned during Year of Hell: Voyager S4 E8 & 9)

2372/SD 49000-49999 - Deep Space Nine S4 & Voyager S2

2373/SD 50000-50999 - First Contact (Movie); Deep Space Nine S5 & Voyager S3

2374/SD 51000-51999 - Deep Space Nine S6 & Voyager S4 (Mentioned SD51268.4 May 20th, Janeway's Birthday/Day 65 Year of Hell)

2375/SD 52000-52999 - Insurrection (Movie) & Deep Space Nine S7 & Voyager S5

2376/SD 53000-53999 - A Stitch In Time (Novel) & Voyager S6

2377-78/SD 54000-55599 - Voyager S7

2378-79/SD 55600-56399 - A Time to... (Novel)

2379/SD 56400-56899 - Nemesis (Movie)

2379-86/SD 56900-63999 - Titan (Novel)

2387/SD 64000-64999 - Star Trek (2009) & Star Trek: Countdown (Comic)

2395/SD 72000-72999 - All Good Things (Next Generation Season Finale)

Star Trekkin'

It's not over yet

With more comics, reboots, TV Shows and movies coming out I will try and keep it updated!

© 2020 Kally


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