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Star Trek Voyager (For Beginners?)

Updated on June 12, 2011

Star Trek?

I have never sat through an episode of Star Trek in my life. All I've seen are bits and pieces. I've seen parodies too. In highschool, I was considered a bit of a geek, in that I focussed on my studies. I had a friend who tried to get me to watch Star Trek Voyager, which was on at the time. I told him I don't know anything about it, because this franchise had been running since my father's time! He went home that night and wrote me up a summary on the premise of "Voyager" - who the characters were, who the different alien races were and what each of their agenda is. I thought I'd share this with you and try to remember why I thought the Borg were an interesting race...


WARNING: This is probably the nerdiest hub you'll ever read from me. This is the knowledge as it was contained in my friend's brain during highschool...[with some smart arse comments of my own interjected in between!]


Star Trek Voyager

"Star Trek Voyager started in 1995 with the episode Caretaker. The Federation Starship Voyager NCC 74656 is a new ship, the most technologically advanced and the fastest ship in the fleet, having a maximum sustainable warp velocity of warp factor 9.975 [whatever that means!].

The Federation is a voluntary government consisting of hundreds of different species, of which the humans were one of the founding members. During this time, there is an alien race called the Cardassians, whom after having a protracted conflict have signed a treaty, where the Federation gives a number of planetary systems to the Cardassians. Many of the people of the Federation did not like this and some have banded together to form the Maquis.

Starfleet is the military arm of the Federation and some officers of Starfleet left to join the terrorist group. The Maquis fought both sides, since the Federation was hunting them down as terrorists, as well as the people of Cardassia.

[confused yet?]

Captain Kathryn Janeway

Captain Kathryn Janeway [who comes up with these names?] is the commanding officer of Voyager. her orders were to track down a former Starfleet officer by the name of Chakotay. Her Chief of Security/Tactical Officer, Tuvok, was acting as a spay on his ship where it disappeared in a region of space called The Badlands, a place filled with plasma storms [a very bad place].

She enlists the help of a former Maquis who was captured: Tom Paris, who is the son of her mentor. He's had a troubled life, accidentally killing 3 people at Caldik Prime. He falsified his reports but felt guilty so he confessed and then was dishonorably discharged from Starfleet. His father is an Admiral who had very high expectations, so during the earlier half of the season, when he speaks of his father, it's always negative. He was recruited by Chakotay as a pilot for the Maquis, as a mercenary, but was captured on his first mission. He was subsequently convicted and sent to a penal colony in New Zealand. The captain recruited him as an observer to find the missing ship. After they get transported to the Delta Quadrant by the Caretaker's Array, he earns a field commission of Lieutenant and is Chief Helmsman now.

[I need a coffee...]

B'Elanna Torres

B'Elanna Torres is the Chief Engineer. She is half Klingon [ah, I recognise that race], half human. Klingons are a warrior race and so she has a bad temper when she's angry. She was a part of the Maquis. Her father left her and her mother when she was young and coupled with her temple, she didn't complete her studies at Starfleet Academy. She was very gifted in engineering though. She is now married to Tom, as of Season 7 Episode 3. In Endgame, she is about to give birth to their daughter. She has a provisional rank of Lieutenant. By the way, Chakotay has the provisional rank of Commander and is Janeway's First Officer.

[Was that just a spoiler?]

Ensign Harry Kim

He's the Operations Officer who handles all the ship's operations. He came onto the ship straight out of the academy and was very very green. He has matured and is always trying to get a promotion. It's been 7 years and he is still an ensign. Some call him ensign eager.

The Doctor

The doctor is called The Doctor [how very original, I love it!]. He is a hologram [way cool] that has exceeded his original programming. his real name is the Emergency Medical Holographic Program (Mark One). He still hasn't chosen his own name yet. Everyone on the ship considers him sentient, however the Federation has not recognized his status yet. He has the hots for Seven Of Nine.

[Now we're getting to the classic names I've heard of before!]


Seven Of Nine

Seven Of Nine: Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero One [and in my opinion, also a fraction]. Her birth name is Annika Hansen and her family was assimilated when she was 4 years old. Her parents were studying the Borg [explained later]. She has since been liberated from the collective since Season 4. She is human and has remnants of Borg technology on her body. In Endgame, she has started a relationship with Chakotay. Her mentor is the captain, who has taken it as her duty to liberate as many drones as possible. However, the captain also likes Chakotay however she has always refrained from engaging in a relationship in case this compromises the command structure and it is against Starfleet protocol. She prefers to be called Seven [at least this is a whole number].


Icheb is of the Burnali species, a Delta Quadrant race who specialize in genetics. His parents genetically bred him so that his body creates a pathogen that kills Borg [sweet!]. The cube that he was on was malfunctioning because all the adult drones died, shorting out many of the systems. He is a neonatal drone, along with 3 others. He stayed on the ship when the other 3 left. He is very intelligent but has a personality problem, since he had been assimilated when he was young. He has lost all his people skills [makes for good comedic relief - kind of reminds me of Teal'c from Stargate]. Currently he wants to join Starfleet Academy. I'm not sure if he's been accepted yet however in Q2, Janway calls him Cadet... [ah my friend, you're letting me down with this gap in your knowledge of the Star Trek omnipedia!]


Neelix is a Talaxian, whom you will see on the screen playing Kadis-Kot with Seven. He was a part of the main cast since Season One but left the ship about 2 episodes before Endgame [which by now I now understand is the series finale]. He is the moral officer/ambassador/cook of the ship, however his "cuisine" have left much to be desired. Leola Root and Pleeka Rind are his specialties because they are so versatile, however they taste bad.

The Maquis crew have been integrated into the Voyager crew after many people from Voyager died after being sent to the Delta Quadrant. Chakotay also rammed his ship into the Kazon's large ship to protect Voyager, so it was the 'sensible thing to do' [...yes...obviously]

The Borg

The Borg is the Federation's most feared enemy. They assimilate anything they want to attain their goal of Perfection. Every drone is connected by a unique frequency to the hive mind. The Collective speak as one. [This is basically how the Replicators operate in Stargate SG-1...sci-fi borrows a lot from each other I guess].

Captain Picard of the Enterprise (TNG) was assimilated before on the The Next Generation and they used his knowledge to try to assimilate Earth. The movie Star Trek: First Contact is about the Borg. Their vessels are geometric in shape. You have the probe which is a bit rectangular and small, the sphere which comes in many sizes, the cube which is quite big - approximately 3km in length. The most powerful ship known is the Class 4 Tactical Cube, which is the same size, however has more shielding, both energy shield and armor. The Queen has a yacht which is diamond in shape. [That's nice...]

Clear As Mud?

So there you have it. Apparently this is what all the fuss is about with Star Trek Voyager. I won't pretend I didn't enjoy trying to not understand it but it's a whole new universe in itself to me.

My favorite sci-fi show is Stargate SG-1. I can't say how it compares to Voyager or any Star Trek series for that matter. However I'll admit my little foray into Voyager for the purpose of this hub was interesting. A bit. :)

[Sorry Star Trek fans, I'm still a newbie.]


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    • SavannahEve profile image

      SavannahEve 4 years ago from California

      Marcofratelli, missed one. Kes. Jennifer Lien played her in years 1 -3 and once more later. Kes was before Seven, before the mens club took over the writing completely and decided more sexual characters were necessary as opposed to mysterious ones. When Jeri Taylor (the female writer/producer/creator and wonderful woman) retired there were many changes. I worked the show for all 7 years. Appreciate the effort tho, nice hub. : )