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Star Trek: Voyager - 'Initiations' Episode Review

Updated on May 15, 2015

Here we are at the second episode in the second season of Voyager. I have spoken before about the hard time I have had in trying to get into the series in the past which is why I have not really seen so many episodes - the occasional one here and there.

I have been learning as I have been watching what it is that has been putting me off and what is making watching hard at times. Sorry to say but it is Captain Janeway. I am not too sure if it is the character or the actress, or maybe both. But for me, Janeway puts her hands on her hips a little too much - I have always had a problem with this stance.

The episode starts with Chakotay (Robert Beltran) honoring his father by way of performing a Native American ritual, off on his own, in one of the shuttle pods.

It is not long before he is spotted by some folk - the Kazon - and is attacked by them. Of course, Chakotay takes numerous hits and tries to have a chat with them to straighten things out but they do not respond at first.

Eventually, the Kazon do talk with Chakotay. A lad called Kar (Aron Eisenberg) greets him with the friendly and kind message that he is Chakotay's execution and his is to be executed by him - Kar.

After a few more warning from Chakotay he eventually fires back and kills everyone on board the ship. With seconds left until the ship Chakotay fired on explodes, he beams out on of the people from the ship that was trying to kill him.. It is of course Kar. Kar is very angry to have not been killed. He of course, seems like a well balanced lad.

After a fruitless bonding session Chakotay and Kar are caught in a tractor beam and dragged on to a bigger Kazon ship. They are held together and so it appears, they are both going to die.

Voyager start to get worried as they have not heard from Chakotay and go off looking for him in the area he is meant to be in. All they find is parts of a destroyed ship. Janeway fears the worst and has her people look at the debris

Chakotay demands to speak to the head guy while being held. He gets to speak to a "sane" and "nice" man called Razik (Patrick Kilpatrick) who talks about the Kazon's history, ways, and what he plans to do with him - Chakotay. Razik basically describes gang culture and initiations as the way of the Kazon.

With all this going on, Neelix (Ethan Phillips) talks to Janeway about feeling like his skills are not being used enough. Janeway agrees to let Neelix have more to do on board, when the time comes.

Chakotay is told that the only way he will be released and allowed to go on his way is if he kills Kar. Chakotay of course pretends to agree and then takes Razik hostage. Chalotay offers Kar an escape too, Kar takes it begrudgingly.

Chakotay and Kar flee in the Shuttlecraft they arrived in but it is not long before they have their rears targeted by the Kazon who waste no time in attack them until their rear is on fire. Chakotay takes the risk and beams himself and Kar to the surface of a moon near by. The shuttlecraft explodes.

Chakotay and Kar wake. Kar is still be obtrusive and irrating.. Until he saves Chakotay's life just before he was about to set off a booby trap.

Voyager now find the remains of the shuttlecraft and get worried but then find life signs on the moon below. Janeway, Tuvok (Tim Russ), and Kes (Jennifer Lien) head down to the surface but due to the many boobytraps cannot communicate with Voyager for the time being.

Neelix has been ordered to the bridge to make him feel special and Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) is left in charge. The ship that Chakotay escaped from shows up and tells Voyager that they killed Chakotay and Voyager should leave. Neelix steps in and chats with them and calls their bluff about the supposed killing.

The team on the planet's suface meet up with a team from the Kazon's ship. The Kazon appear friendly but it is not long before the betray the Voyager team and leave them stuck in a snare. The Kazon team then find Chakotay and Kar.

Kar shoots Razik and tells the newly arrived Janeway and company to leave and never return. Kar leaves with the Kazon.


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