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Star Trek: Voyager - The 37's Episode Review

Updated on May 14, 2015

Season Two: Episode One - 'The 37's'

I don't know why but something about the Voyager series never quite sat well with me. I have always tried to get into it but somehow something never quite seemed right and I never knew why. I am now determined to sit and watch a good few episodes.

I guess if pressed I would say that I do not find The Captain likable and she has never really come across as convincing to me personally. I have a mild suggestions that I am sexist, but this is totally and without basis as I have liked many lead female characters in other series. Who knows, maybe Captain Janeway reminds me of an old teacher I used to dislike.

I have to say though, she does remind, or rather sounds like, Moma Fratelli a little bit. That could be it.. Then again, it probably isn't.

While flying about in space, checking things out, and trying to find a way to get home a lot quicker than it is currently possible, Voyayer pick something up that is floating about. Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) decides they should take a closer look at what it could be.

It turns out that the thing that is floating about in orbit of a planet is an old truck from the 1930s. They of course take the truck on board and take a look at it. As it turns out, Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) is an expert in old trucks and after a comical tour of the parts starts the truck up, sending the other crew members diving for cover and grabbing for their phasers.

Paris fiddles with the radio and the crew hear an S.O.S call in Morse code. The source, is coming from the planet the truck is orbiting.

Janeway makes the odd choice of landing the whole spacecraft down on the planet. She has never done it before, and so it seems has none of the crew.

After going into blue alert - changing the light bulb - everything goes smoothly and Voyager is lands upon the planet below.

The crew members that exit Voyager spilt into two teams of three and have a little look around the planet with their handheld devices telling them what is going on.

After a little stroll Janeway and the others meet up at and entrance to a mine. There seems to be an energy signature coming from inside. Chakotay (Robert Beltran) suggests that they get a larger security team before checking the mine out. Janeway agrees, taking Harry Kim (Garrett Wang) and Tuvok (Tim Russ) off with her to look about some more. As she does and as Chakotay waits for more security personnel, it seems that they are being watched..

Everybody now head done into the mine only to find some stasis pods that, as it turns out, house a eight people from 1930s - this can be seen by the way they dress. Janeway sees a name tag on one of the people in the stasis - Amelia Earhart (Sharon Lawrence)

They wake the eight people up and it is not long before one of them freaks out at the news and takes the team instigating the mine hostage - the person taking them hostage is Fred Noonan (David Graf) funnily enough.. He always seems to have a gun!

After a little chit-chat, Earhart manages to tell Noonan to give up the hostage taking and they all leave the mine to go and see Voyager.

When they all leave the mine, a security team is on its way to deal with the hostage situation. As it turns out, the people watching, are still watching, and they open fire on everyone below. Noonan get shot and injured, Harry drags him out of the line of fire.

Janeway cleverly sneaks up on the watchers and takes one of them angrily from behind. Once she has shot, she tells the others to drop their weapons. And they do.

It turns out that the watchers are humans and somehow ancestors of sort of the people who have remained frozen. Only the watcher did not know the frozen were frozen, they thought they had been long dead.

After a heart to heart everyone is invited to stay on the planet by the watchers and build and live. Janeway is worried that she will lose more crew than she can spare and then not be able to run Voyager.

When it comes to the point for people to leave, the only ones who leave, are the frozen folk. Everyone else remains on board.


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