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New Star Wars - Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber....

Updated on January 20, 2015

New Star Wars - Princess Leia Wields A Light Saber…

Long before the popularity of the WWE, the male soap opera was the Star Wars movies – granted, we had to wait years to see the action packed, ongoing saga of the Yin and Yang battle between the Force and the Dark Side. However, during the interim, there were much maddening speculations, if not borne out of reality… out of wishful thinking - but now with the recent official word that more Star Wars movies are in the making, the anticipation and salivating can once again ensue. As a screen writer, let me say what direction plotwise I would like to see the Star Wars franchise go. Now, it is true that the actors who played the major roles in the Star Wars movies - Han Solo; Luke Skywalker; and Princess Leia - will all be long in the tooth by the time the new movie comes to the theatre… but that is why other movie franchises have had new cast members to play the respective iconic roles and so too will it be for the storied franchise of Star Wars. I am not going to say who I would like to replace the actors in Star Wars, but I would like to posit certain plot lines.

Let’s say that in the opening scene of the new Star Wars movie… that Luke-Sky-Walker is disenchanted and he is in fact a grumpy, old Jedi master living in seclusion… mirroring how his mentor Yoda was before commencing the young Sky-Walker Jedi training; in addition, the area where the Emperor fell when he was thrown by Darth Vader has become like a haunted enclave… with the essence of the Emperor patiently waiting to embody the one deemed to be Dark-Side-worthy. It must also be noted that the Dark Side has growing influence and those who practice its dark arts and carrying on its ideology are making rapid gains in the Senate. With Princess Leia… growing weary legislatively of fending off denizens of the Dark Side and tired of trying to convince her Jedi twin brother of the growing threat and ascent of the Dark Side, she trains in secret to be the new Jedi Master... animating in her the restless Midichlorians that are the DNA building blocks of The Force. The director might even have seminal scenes where Princess Leia, interacting with the spirit of Vader… engages in bonding with the father she did not know as a youth and eventually Leia being taught the Skillful art of the Jedi master… progressing so much so to man her father’s crimson-colored Light Saber.

Every movie must have an excellent bad guy… the kind of antagonist where one feels guilty rooting for him – just like Darth Vader in the previous movies. Perhaps, they can resurrect Darth Maul because his appearance was too brief… it felt like when one has a CD and there is this hidden gem of a song, but it is too short. To further flesh out my thoughts, give Darth Maul a twin brother and let the passion of vengeance and ideology be the catalysts that drive him - do not the Sith Lords come as twain? Have Han Solo, now married and a father to Princess Leia's children, be bored and yearning for his early adventures with Chewbacca. one sub-plot can posits vengeance, coupled with greed, being the driving force behind the hatred that Jabba-The-Hutt many children have for Princess Leia and her family too. In the mean time, there also could be a sub-plot whereby one of Leia’s children, preferably her daughter, is so imbued with the Midichlorians that her measurements are off the charts, which has both the Jedi Order and the Dark Side fearful. This fear leads to unusual alliances and betrayal, putting the young child in grave danger… the audience may not be privy to this, but it will see Luke-Sky-Walker leaving his seclusion to, in essence, kidnap his powerful niece.

While Leia is chasing her twin brother to retrieve her daughter, we see Han-Solo, being awkward and unsure in using his old weapons to fend off would-be assassins, because it has been so long since he took part in any adventure - but his paternal and husbandly duties steady him. We then see Han making what is tantamount to a distress call, which results in his old buddy, Chewbacca, like the proverbial Calvary, showing up in the nick of time… piloting the famous, reliable Millennium Falcon. The scene switches with Luke then realizing that Leia found his hide-out because of her maternal psychic link to his niece and he is in awe that the child blocked him out from perceiving this mother/daughter link. The child is in R.E.M. sleep when Leia shows up at the almost, darkened entrance of Luke’s hideout… we hear the familiar sounds of Princess Leia’s Light Saber coming to life and giving more light to the ambience… the same time we also see and hear the rattling of an old container trunk’s top violently flying opened… with Luke’s now seldom used Light-Saber finding his once familiar hand… we then hear the familiar groveled voice of Yoda, shouting, admonishingly, “Children!” See Hyperlink Below For Part Two...


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