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Star Wars Announcement Coming!

Updated on April 30, 2014

Hi all,

I was wondering where to start with my first BIG post of this blog and I was thinking about going with the Amazing Spider Man 2 route until I was out to eat and then like I should of known and have been waiting for that on May 4th or as every amazing fan knows it as "Star Wars Day" with the AWESOME tagline "May the 4th be with you,," Now it is announced today but the higher ups that there will be "Big Announcement" coming on May 4th and upon everybody thinking honestly it could be next to anything about the 7th episode of the highly popular series but at the same time if it is a teaser poster or teaser trailer involving the movie,The internet just might break for a few hours because it will cause a mass effect of pure madness because just hearing about things about the simple possibility of the original big 3 coming back(Hamill,Ford,Fisher) caused a big fuss for a few days and this is like the one movie that people have been waiting for for a long time because while some did enjoy how episodes 1-3 came together with the original 3-6 it doesn't hold a candle simply to the original ones because it basically set ground for the way certain things are done special effects wise and it is just one of those special movies. I am curious to see what it is because we already know that the voice of Chewbacca is coming back and George Lucas is giving him free reign to be himself and have all the same mannerisms that he had in the original movies and 1-3.

I will be honest though that I will be let down in a sense if it is a hard definitive announcement of the big original 3 coming back through a press conference because it is one of the worst kept secrets in hollywood and it is hard to believe that on THE day that they will roll out something so huge and unthinkable that could be like the announcement of Batman Vs Superman and just shake everything going on that is why I think it is something like a poster or someone saying a dialogue within the reigns of how they did the announcement of Batman Vs Superman and have the supposive villain Adam Driver saying a text and the title will be more then enough to freak people out and get them started and when they have some concrete stuff they could end up rocking out San Diego too with some hard stuff later on as well if need be.After reading into the situation some more it said that Disney Chairman Alan Horn has confirmed that obviously the casting isn't done so if it isn't something on the scale of a BVS announcement or just showing a poster that they can post in theaters and online everywhere but at the same time I think it could be possible to instead of having everybody take pictures of your sets and actors like whats happening with Age Of Ultron but thinking have a press conference and then show the whole cast and Alan Horn could possibly be like "ladies and gentlemen your cast!" like a good example of this would be what they did with the new X-Men film because I heard from people tweeting at comic con that when the whole cast appeared on stage the ground was shaking from all the screaming,clapping and cheering but all in all it could be a good play.Everything I read into says take it all as rumor or with a grain of salt but it does seem like it is really good timing and all the stars aligning in a sense and will show everybody that it going full steam ahead and that every Star Wars fan should gear up and start counting down the days or minutes whatever have you and get ready for JJ Abrams new universe of Jedi and Sith universe….

An update after a day or two of digesting with this article and after writing this the people over at Lucasfilm and all the other head honchos have released what the Star Wars nerds are calling a 21st century Declaration of Independence for the Star Wars Universe.Kathleen Kennedy and others were at a panel for some time yesterday and they laid out plans saying what will and won't be based or "Canon" in the Star Wars Universe like what is used in the original 6 films that EVERYBODY and their mother knows.But they go into detail saying that some things won't be into the "Canon" part of it and will literally be forgotten all together like certain books and graphic novels/comics or video games that have been released on any system in the past or future.One thing that HAS been added and have made fans ok and happy in the process was the Star Wars:Clone Wars series that can be seen on Cartoon Network every now and then and is fully on Netflix now WILL BE added to the "Canon" part of the Universe so if JJ Abrams wanted to lets say for fan purposes bring back Darth Maul because it happens in the series?? He could because it aligns with that perfectly.

Also every new game made will be advised from Lucasfilm and Lucasarts to make sure that it technically stays the course as it were to being towards the universe that they want to go so they don't A add anything that is wrong or totally out of left field that won't add up after time or B something in the games that will reveal something early before the GIANT film comes out in a yearish.Also there was a rumor of Luke falling for a girl that was an heir to the empire in the books but since it didn't make it under the "Canon" section of the article or press release sent out yesterday it cannot be used but on the other hand characters from video games and books can be used as sort of a smoke screen sense with the way that they are in the story but they have to have different names but their personalities can be just like the ones you read or played about or with.There was also reports of Mark Hamill,Carrie Fisher AND Harrison Ford located overseas where they are having the function on May 4th and it is close by where some of the films themselves were shot so every Star Wars fan is itching and chomping at the bit after seeing the paparazzi shots and hearing the news because basically now knowing that it involves them could mean it is them being in the film for sure or maybe more since it is a big day they could just reveal the lineup or just total lay it all on the Star Wars faithful and I can't wait to see what they do with it in a week here so it should be great to see.

*UPDATE*-This is an update from the previous post I have been putting on here because I am going to blog constantly up until May 4th is through and the big announcements are done and hopefully they are amazing.But the BIG NEWS from yesterday was that there was released black and white photo released yesterday with JJ Abrams and the cast all sitting in a circle in chairs and R2-D2 is in a box behind all of them.The good news off the bat is that the big 3 are there and will play roles in the film and Harrison Ford aka Han Solo will play a pivotal role in the new episode of the franchise.Some of the new players in the series are Oscar Isaac who has been in Drive,Inside Llewyn Davis,Robin Hood etc.Adam Driver who was a presumed actor in this one was cast and we do not know his role as of yet but he has been in the show Girls,Inside Llewn Davis and Frances Ha.Andy Serkis was cast also into a untitled role so people are wondering what role he is playing because he is known as the "God of motion capture" playing the role of Gollum and Caesar in Lord Of The Rings and the new Apes film alike.Peter Meyhew,Anthony Daniels and Kenny Baker WILL be back as well as the other big 3 playing everybody's big sidekicks in R2-D2,C3PO and Chewbacca.

The last few are interesting ones because some are players that haven't even been heard of in big named movies and some who have made their name in their first film out.John Boyega was cast in the film and you can see him as the main character in Attack The Block which by the way was a GREAT film but it will be interesting to see which side they have him take in this part of the series.Daisy Ridley was cast as well and some people higher up in the entertainment world sort of saw this as of head scratcher because she didn't have any huge credits to her like the other fellow actors did but at the same time maybe that will be better and help her stand out and make a better impression during the film when it finally comes out.The last one that most will know is Max Von Sydow who was in The Exorcist,Shutter Island,Robin Hood and Minority Report.The fans all over the net are saying he could be the one who just screams someone who could play a Sith lord or act the part of the dark side but then again we never know what will happen so we just have to see what will happen on May 4th then just let the dominoes fall where they may and it will be exciting no matter what.

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I am really interested to see how this turns out because it is such a DIE HARD fan base and core audience group and my personal pick with this one would be A New Hope but I try and leave the voting up to the fans and I hope I end up getting some votes and I am excited to see the final results!

5 stars for Original Star Wars Trilogy

Fan poster but still AWESOME


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