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Star Wars: Clone Wars S7Es1-5 TV Show Review (SPOILER TALK)

Updated on May 8, 2020
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Caila went to Meremac-STL for journalism and has been writing for most of her life.

The Clone Wars Season 7

Star Wars: the Clone Wars (S7Es1-5) TV Show Review (SPOILER TALK)

So I am reviewing/recapping this DIAMOND as a whole eventually, but this particular review will be about the first storyline of the seventh season. I have not finished the final season of the Clone Wars yet, but if this plot with the clones was anything to go on, then this should be a pretty good season! It follows Clone Rex as he embarks on a emotionally led mission to find his long lost trooper Echo, who was believed to be dead for a while now. Rex is accompanied by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and a new clone trooper team recruited for the mission called Clone Force 99 a.k.a. The Bad Batch, a band of misfit clones with more power and skills than some of the “regs” (as they call regular clones). While most feel that Rex is putting a lot of their lives in jeopardy for a hunch, based on the Republic’s repeated losses to the Separatists certain schemes and attacks. Rex notices that the droids are figuring out their attack plans that only he and Echo could know because they had created them together. A slight hunch, but enough for Rex to believe that his friend is still alive, if not out of desperation. Thus the quote in the opening of one of the episodes, “The search for truth begins with belief.”. The power of belief was all the reason Rex wanted to go on the mission to find Echo in the first place, even though everyone else doubted his intentions, the mission, and his hunch.

Before they set out for their quest for Echo, however, Anakin has to speak with his secret wife, Padme, with Rex on guard. Obi-Wan finds Rex and knows that Ani is sneaking around and interrogates Rex, who gives lame excuses that Obi-Wan can see clearly through. He even knows what Anakin is doing and who he is talking with. When Anakin comes out of hiding, Obi-Wan makes it known that he knows everything with a snarky remark (which I think he made the comment not because of the fact that he had a relationship with Padme, but because of the manner of how he was trying to hide it from him so hard and act like it wasn’t a thing, even if it wasn’t the Jedi way) to Ani about telling Padme hello for him. To which, Anakin gave him a filthy look of contempt, because what else could he do when he was called out so abruptly about sneaking around? But THIS, my friends, builds character, plot and the best part: suspense! We already know that Anakin will become Darth Vader! WE KNOW THIS! It is not a surprise at all to fans. But these are the moments of the last season that hikes the suspense up exponentially! It also builds character that we don’t fully get to see in the movies from Anakin. It’s almost as if the characters are totally different in all 3 films of the prequels in some regards. The Clone Wars has provided so much character building, development, and other aspects that we do not get with the movies.

Onto the mission, while they’re out Rex and his few he brought along are finding it hard to mix well with The Bad Batch, as they are very brash, loud, and impulsive as a team, doing work for the fun of the explosions and killing droids than for good. Rex is led to hear the sound of a voice saying Echo’s trooper serial number and Rex believes now more than ever that Echo is still alive and leading them to come rescue him. However, everyone is still sketchy about the mission, and the way that the characters say some of the dialogue makes you wonder if they’re actually being led to the truth or right into a Separatist trap. The team is outnumbered and outgunned but they fight their way through the droids to actually end up finding Echo, who is now connected to the mainframe of where he’s been being held captive by the Separatists since assumed dead back in the Citadel incident. Against all odds, Rex and Anakin lead the team to safety and get Echo back home. Going along with the theme of belief though, they end one of the episodes very shady like to make it seem like Echo may or may not be trusted as he may still be being controlled by Separatist technology and possible issues of the mind.

The next episode sees some members of The Bad Batch simply throw out the fact that they don’t feel Echo can be trusted and if he should be back in the field or helping on missions or not, even though he’s been physically treated by his Clone team and the Republic for everything that they could help with. Rex states that they’ll have to see if he can be trusted through his actions on the course of the rest of the mission to stop the group of Separatists that had captured Echo so long ago. It turns out that Echo can be used to hack into the data of the Separatist base, change their attack plans and algorithms, and help the Jedi and Republic win the battle against Admiral Trench. He does this and gets all of their armies into a bunch and electrically overloads all of their systems, leaving only Admiral Trench. Because this was a success, Echo gains the respect and trust of some of the team members of The Bad Batch! A very good scene comes from the ending of this battle, where it shows how Anakin is constantly struggling with his anger, the Jedi and the way that they do things, and his own belief in what he does. Admiral Trench would have blown up his own dreadnaught just so the Jedi and Republic would lose, as a failsafe. The only way to stop the bomb is to put in a code of numbers in order to stop and disarm it, which Jedi Master Mace Windu holds the job of doing. But when he doesn’t get the last number, Anakin storms Trench and threatens him. Trench shows no fear of Ani, but fear of Count Dooku, who’s pulling his strings. Anakin, however, gives him something to be afraid of though, and chops off 3 of his mechanical arms with his lightsaber! That gives him the last number of the code and as Ani gives it away, Trench tases him with an electric staff from one of his other 3 arms he has left. This causes the death blow, and Anakin stabs Admiral Trench right through the heart and leaves him for dead.

This is not a MAJOR development, as we’ve seen Anakin kill before, but this again, provides us with suspense! It can be questioned as to how Trench was killed. Not that Anakin did not have a right to defend himself, but he could’ve easily sliced off his other 3 arms as he did before just to hinder Trench’s movements, just as easily as he killed him! (Me personally, I thought it was freaking cool that he killed him and he did it out of self defense, but I digress, and I can see an argument being made for the other side as well.) But this got me thinking, as a character, I really wish that Anakin could’ve been trained entirely by Qui-Gon Jin. Because in the final moments of Trench’s life, he even saw that Ani wasn’t exactly like the Jedi. Nor was Qui-Gon. You could tell even from the first and only movie he was in, that he didn’t purposely disrespect the Jedi but he definitely did things his way sometimes if he felt it was better. When someone sees the conflict in Anakin, it always makes me wonder that if he was trained by Qui-Gon without so many restrictions on his powers, what he could do at all times, and a change in his belief of the Force, would he have turned out differently? And I believe the answer is yes! With the right kind of attention and guidance for someone as precocious as Anakin was and had always been as a character, he would be different. Restrictions usually hinder those with wings. They only want to fly closer to the sun after that! And Anakin was the Chosen One, if anybody should’ve been able or allowed to flourish, it should’ve been him! All of these thoughts came from just watching the first five episodes of this final season!

Lastly of that storyline, when they succeed in foiling the plans of the Separatists and destroy their army, the clones, The Bad Batch, and the Jedi all go back home. The Bad Batch, who don’t want the recognition of rewards, medals, and honor, decide to head out before festivities for a big win for the Republic begin, as stated before, they’re just in it for the fun of it. Before they leave though, they offer Echo a place on their team if he ever feels “out of place” fighting for the Republic and the Jedi. Rex overhears, and tells him that it is okay if that’s what his decision is. He just wants his friend’s happiness! To which, Echo actually does decide to go with the Team and make them a batch of 5 now! (I can’t lie, I was a bit salty about that. I mean, we came out of our way, through the power of belief that you were even still alive, to come and save you from enemy territory that you had been trapped on for YEARS, and you just gone leave afterwards? I mean he helped on a mission before he left and helped a lot, but I still felt a little bogus about that.)

So now the next storyline of the final season starts with Ahsoka, who has run away from the Jedi and their beliefs to forge her own path, against the hopes of her former Jedi Master, Anakin. While I’m not the hugest Ahsoka fan, I am excited to see what she has been up to since she was let down by the Jedi and their teachings, what she’s learned, and how she may or may not reconnect with her former teacher before his complete fall to the Dark Side of the Force! I can’t wait to continue watching the next few episodes even though I’m sad for it to all be ending for me soon. I hope they can keep the suspense factor high and wrap the story up tight in a bow as a good fill in/in between for the movies. I’ll see you guys in the next review of this upcoming storyline.


Do you feel like Anakin would have turned to the Dark Side of the Force if he had another Master, such as Qui-Gon?

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4 stars for The Clone Wars (S7Es1-5)


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