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Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Predictions and Perspectives of a Geek Girl

Updated on February 3, 2016

It's been a long, long time.

When we last saw our beloved groups of heroes in Luke, Leia, Han, Chewbacca, C3PO, R2D2, and the rest of the Rebellion, they were basking in the glow of a newly-exploded Death Star on or near Endor. The Emperor and Darth Vader are both dead and we assume that without that leadership, the Empire is splintered and lost. What we assume is that there is peace in the galaxy.

Now before you all start arguing about what happened after the Empire's, er, setback, we need to understand what has come down from on high (read: Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy). Shortly before the release of Episode VII, Lucasfilm dropped a bomb on EU (Expanded Universe) fans. They retconned all of the previously released information in exchange for a new set of canonical information, including the animated series and video games.

In my opinion, it makes sense. They have a direction that they want to take the story, and need to have it all fit. The previous stories never had a thought of continuing the movies. If you read the Thawn Trilogy that was released to take place right after the downfall of the Empire, Leia is in Jedi training with Luke while pregnant with twins, Luke is still chasing bad guys, and the Empire is still in power.

That's not to say that the Empire isn't in power in the new canon, but the power it holds fits with the direction that the movies want to take. You'll notice in The Force Awakens that Leia is not a Jedi. But I digress. Canon debates are for another hub.

New Star Wars Universe Canon Timeline
New Star Wars Universe Canon Timeline

Now That We Know There Is Some Empirical Power...

We know that those pesky rebels can never live a normal life. Remnants of the Empire will always searching for the rebels that caused the death of their leaders, trashed two Death Stars and caused millions of credits in damage to their shiny ships.

Funny thing about bad guys, they never care too much if their leaders get killed. They just find another bad guy that wants to fill their cushy, spinny chair. The badder, the better.

During the year immediately following the Battle of Endor, there are battles raging all over the galaxy. According to the new canon, those battles happen on Jakku, Coruscant, and other familiar places. The rebels finally pin down the remnants of The Empire after about a year of fighting. There is a peace treaty signed, The Galactic Concordance, and the war ends.

Or does it...

Enough With The Canon...Get To The Good Stuff!

The point of this article is not to tell you the whole story of the new Star Wars canon, but to support the theories I'm about to throw down. Some are convoluted, some are ones that my husband and I have actually done math on. Serious. Star Wars. Math.

Last night we actually started thinking about using the one blank wall in our movie room to put up an honest-to-God paper and color-coded timeline of characters. That may happen...don't judge.

Han and Leia

We know that obviously Han and Leia end up together. They are very much in love at the end of Jedi, and we can only hope that they live happily ever after.

We learn in TFA that they have a son, Ben, who is Force sensitive and begins to train with Luke, but something happens and he is lured to the Dark Side either by curiosity, by the musings of Supreme Leader Snoke, or by the conflict that is known throughout his bloodline.

Either way, Ben's alleged attack on the other Younglings and subsequent flight to Snoke tore Han and Leia apart. Han went back to smuggling and talking his way out of situations, Leia dove headfirst into the Resistance. Throughout the movie, we see that there are two sides to their son. With Han gone, I think that Leia will take it upon herself to confront Kylo Ren and see if she can pick up where Han left off. There is some good in Ben. She can see it. So can Rey.

Ben and Rey

The first part of the movie shows a lot of Mad Max-type solo shots with no dialogue. The object is Rey, a girl dressed in all white on a desert planet, dropped off there by someone when she was little. The only view of that we see is a flashback. She was about 4, small enough to remember snippets of memories, but not old enough to remember what happened to get her there.

Throughout TFA, there are clues to Rey's origins. Here are just a few...

  • Jakku is very similar to Tattooine. It is a deserted planet on the edge of the galaxy where the inhabitants are scattered and don't live too close together (as not to attract attention to each other.
  • She has an extraordinary sense of mechanisms. She can take apart, fix, and put back together things that other people could never understand.
  • She is a natural fighter/survivor. She can protect herself by learning how to fight and stay on her feet.
  • Her piloting skills are instinct. The only thing she pilots is her speeder. Not exactly tricky maneuvering. But as soon as the TIE Fighters are in pursuit of the Millenium Falcon, her instincts take over. She doesn't even know how she does it.
  • Last, but not least, we see on Takodana and on Starkiller Base that she is clearly Force Sensitive. As soon as she touches that lightsaber beneath Maz Kanata's Castle, the Force flows freely and she is finally becoming aware of her powers.

During her time on Starkiller, and before her capture by Kylo Ren, we see that he is reluctant to kill her. Here's my question...

If He Is Such an Evil Badass, Why Does Rey Go Untouched?

His first scene, you see him cut down an old man. Lor San Tekka. Then he forces Poe Dameron onto a ship at blasterpoint. In his next scene, he has given Poe a serious beatdown and Poe is barely conscious when Kylo Ren starts invading his mind for information on the map. Kylo Ren remains masked in the interrogation chamber, trying to intimidate Poe into giving him what he wants.

In contrast, he force-roofies Rey and gently carries her onto his ship. Once she is in the same (or similar) interrogation chamber, Rey is fully awake and discussing things with Kylo Ren. There is not a scratch on her, and when she inquires about his mask, he removes it to face her. While he is by no means nice to her, he does show restraint regarding harming her and at no point do the Stormtroopers touch her.

What if there is a connection that makes Kylo Ren show restraint and a slight amount of care for her? What if he really is being torn apart on the inside by having all of these people from the good parts of his past converge on him when he felt he was moving in the right direction? That connection doesn't necessarily have to be blood. Not twins, not even brother-sister. Cousins, maybe? Doubtful.

Rey's Origins

Here's why: Rey is 10 years younger than Kylo Ren. Check out Wookieepedia for that information. This movie takes place 30 years after Endor. Ben was born a year after Endor and Rey 10 years after that. The first 15 years after Endor, Luke seemed to be secretly gathering and training Younglings of all ages, from all over the galaxy. If he started training Ben at the age of 6, Luke had about 3 years to find a wife and have Rey. But with Ben's training already started, it's not likely that Luke would have interrupted Ben's training to settle down, abandon the Jedi ways, and have a child, only to begin Ben's training again 6 years later, when Rey started her training (according to my prediction). He also doesn't seem like the kind to have a kid and then take off to train her in secret. I'd like to think that since Luke grew up not knowing his parents, he wouldn't want that for his own kid. Like I said, doubtful that she is Luke's.

We know that there was an incident with Ben and other Younglings training with Luke. At first blush, it looks like Ben went dark and attacked the other Younglings. Not sure if that's the case, or if that just what, wait for it...Rey remembers.

That's right. In my opinion, she is one of the Younglings that was involved in that attack, and was training with Luke. Whether she is of Skywalker blood or not, she is obviously Force-sensitive and the level of ability that comes rushing in on Starkiller has to have had some training at some point. How much, we won't know until later, if that is what her origins are.

When the attack happened, she was spirited away by someone. Could have been Luke, could have been Leia or Han for all we know. It's possible that it was Ben, who had developed a strong bond with her during training and couldn't bring himself to hurt her. Whoever it was, also had the power to suppress her memories, or wipe the bad altogether. The lightsaber scene at Maz's started to bring it back to her.

I can't wait to see where this goes.

Partners in Crime

The New Empire

According to Wookieepedia, Finn was born 7 years after Endor. This puts him at 23 years old. In the 7 years after Endor, the The Galactic Concordance was signed, the Empire was a not-too-distant memory and what seemed like peace through the galaxy had arrived. Or had it?

The First Order had been started at some point after The Galactic Concordance had been signed. These were most likely the remnants of the Empire that did not agree with their leaders signing the peace treaty. Since General Hux, Captain Phasma and the rest of the major players and leaders in the movie seem to be in their 30's and 40's, it stands to reason that they are the second generation of The First Order.

Now, we know that the original Stormtroopers were clones. They were descendants of Jango Fett, as we see in Star Wars Episode II: The Clone Wars and in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the animated series. But with the elimination of the majority of the clones during The Original Trilogy, I doubt very much that there were enough left to be able to create another army. So what are the bad guys to do without blaster and lightsaber fodder? That's right, create more. So they stole them, or in some cases required their followers to devote one child to the First Order. Babies, toddlers, and kids too young to fight back became unwilling (or even willing) Stormtroopers . Either from parents too defenseless to fight, known enemies of the Empire, or even those dedicated to the Empire. In some cases, with Snoke at the helm, they sought out Force sensitive children and took them to teach the Jedi and Rebels a lesson. You know where this is going, don't you?

The Reluctant Stormtrooper

What if Finn is one of those children? I know what you're thinking...Duh! He said he was. So what? Wellll...let's depart the Star Wars Universe for a bit. If you aren't already aware, John Boyega is as London as it gets. If you haven't seen Attack the Block, you should. It his first major role, and it's a good science fiction movie.

John is very British...Finn is not. Why drop his accent? Daisy kept hers. Hux, Phasma and Snoke kept theirs. Why not John? Here's why I think they had him drop it...

I think Finn was abducted by the Empire/First Order from his family, the Calrissians, when he was a baby. Lando always had a love-hate relationship with the Empire. He worked along side them, but also helped the Rebels. After The Galactic Concordance was signed, Lando went into hiding to avoid any more involvement with either side. While assuming a different identity, he married (whoever that may be) and had son. But someone in the First Order figured out who Lando was and took baby Finn (or whatever his name was) to be raised and trained as a Stormtrooper in the First Order. With the location of the First Order still a secret due to their limited numbers and resources, he was never recovered.

Now that he has deserted the First Order and his role as a Stormtrooper, I'm sure we'll find out his story, and maybe reunite him with his family.

John Boyega on Jimmy Fallon

Final Thoughts for My Next Post...

In my next story, I'll delve into Snoke, Hux and what those Stormtrooper helmets block besides smoke. It won't be as long...I promise. In the mean time, what do you think Rey and Finn's origin stories include? Let me know in the comments below and we'll see what kind of stories we can come up with together. While you're thinking on that, I'll be in my basement with my smelly markers, making a Star Wars timeline and creating hella analytics on the Wookieepedia Site.



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