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Top 10 Characters in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Updated on June 11, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he studies Criminal Justice in a college far, far away... in the swamps of Louisiana.

Characters from Galaxy of Heroes
Characters from Galaxy of Heroes

Galaxy of Heroes

The galaxy far, far away returns with an exciting mobile game! Galaxy of Heroes contains several strategic clashes against the forces of evil (and good) using your own custom squad of characters. To participate, you'll spend energy, a resource that recharges in real-time; thus, this game is best played a little each day rather than in long marathons.

Regardless of how you play, today we'll examine the ten overall best fighters in the game! Note that actually unlocking these battlers will take time, but part of the fun is collecting and arranging your characters.. Characters from the newer films may appear, but don't worry - we're keeping things spoiler free.

Update: This list highlights some potent characters, but as time passes, newer and stronger units are added. Perhaps we'll examine these fresh contestants in a future review!

Darth Vader
Darth Vader

10. Darth Vader

The first ability for each character is their default attack, which tends to be weaker but doesn't have a cooldown period.

Terrifying Swing – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with 65% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 Turn. Jedi targets cannot Evade or Resist the effects of this attack.

Force Crush – Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict 3 Damage Over Time effects for 2 rounds.

Culling Blade – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and dispels all negative status effects on them. This attack deals 40% more damage for each effect dispelled and grants 100% Turn Meter on a finishing blow.

Inspiring Through Fear (Leader) – Empire allies gain 30% Offense and have a 25% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter on hit.

Darth Vader is, as always, a fearsome foe. Jedi characters cannot dodge or resist the extra effects of his Terrifying Swing, and Force Crush is a very powerful move that can heavily damage all opponents. His only downsides are that he lacks a passive ability, and his leader ability only aids Empire-affiliated allies.

Barriss Offee
Barriss Offee

9. Barriss Offee

Invigorating Strike - Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 45% chance for all allies to recover 6% of Barriss Offee's Max Health.

Force Healer - All allies have their current Health percentages equalized. Then, each ally recovers 15% of their Max Health.

Swift Recovery (Unique) - Barriss Offee has a 40% chance to dispel one random negative status from each allied Jedi and gain 9% Turn Meter for each effect removed.

No One Left Behind (Leader) - Jedi allies gain 20% Max Health, and other alllies gain half that amount. In addition, Jedi allies heal for 6% of Barriss Offee's Max Health, and other allies heal half that amount.

Barriss, a Jedi from the prequel trilogy, functions as a superb healer. Her Force Healer ability uniquely equalizes allies' health (spreading the damage equally among your units), then healing each, which is far more effective than "wasting" part of the heal on characters still at full health. I prefer her over fellow Jedi healer Luminara due to this this ability, and also because Barriss has a helpful passive.

Darth Maul
Darth Maul

8. Darth Maul

Raging Storm – Deal Physical damage to target enemy, gain 100% Turn Meter and a 50% chance to gain Offense Up for 2 turns on finishing blow. This attack deals double against Jedi.

Whirling Blades – Deal Physical damage to all enemies. This attack deals double against Jedi.

Power of Hatred (Unique) – Whenever an enemy is defeated, Darth Maul gains bonuses for the rest of the encounter. First Enemy grants 20% Critical Chance, second 20% Evasion, and third 20% Health Recover on hit.

Dancing Shadows (Leader) – All Sith allies gain 20% Evasion and add +15% Turn Meter on Evade.

Maul is a monster against Jedi; both his attacks do double damage to them. He's slightly less useful against non-Jedi, but still a worthy fighter, especially with his passive that grants him bonuses as enemies fall. Dancing Shadows fails to impress as a leader ability, but there's no doubt Maul is a force to be reckoned with.

Captain Phasma
Captain Phasma

7. Captain Phasma

Onslaught - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. This attack deals 65% more damage if Phasma has Advantage.

Victory March - All allies gain 45% Turn Meter and Advantage.

Fusillade - Deal Physical damage to all enemies with a 75% chance to inflict Speed Down for 2 Turns.

Fire at Will (Leader) - Whenever an ally attacks, they have a 20% chance to call a random ally to Assist, dealing 15% less damage. This chance is doubled if the attacking ally is First Order.

Captain Phasma lacks a passive, but makes up for it with great attacks. Victory March lets allies (including Phasma) attack again quickly and gives the buff "advantage", which powers up Phasma's default move Onslaught. Fusillade is a useful technique that hurts all enemies and has a good chance of decreasing their speed. Fire at Will isn't quite the best of today's leader abilities, but it's still useful if nothing better is available.

Han Solo
Han Solo

6. Stormtrooper Han

Wary Shot - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy with a 40% chance to gain 35% Turn Meter. This attack has high damage variance.

Draw Fire - Han taunts for 3 turns, and all other allies gain 30% Turn Meter. In addition, all other allies gain 20% Turn Meter when Han is damaged.

Bluff (Unique) - Han has a 25% chance to remove 30% Turn Meter from each enemy at the start of each of his turns. In addition, Han has a 25% chance to remove 10% Turn Meter from each enemy when he is damaged.

Plan B (Leader) - All allies gain 35 Defense while above 50% Health and 35% Offense while below 50% health.

Han is a tank character who can draw enemy fire with his, well, Draw Fire. This is a great taunt that also speeds up allies. Wary Shot is decent, potentially bringing Han his next turn faster, but I really enjoy Han's passive, Bluff. With it, he potentially slows all enemies whenever his turn comes up, as well as whenever he's hit. As if that's not enough, Han's got a solid leader ability that changes as allies take damage.


5. Rey

Shifting Strike - Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 40% chance to gain Foresight for 2 Turns.

Leverage - Deal Physical Damage to target enemy. In addition, Rey gains Foresight for 2 turns if she doesn't have any positive status effects, and Offense Up for 3 turns if she does.

Flurry of Blows - Deal Physical damage to target enemy twice, with a 55% chance to deal damage a third time. If Rey has any positive status effects, she will deal damage one additional time. Hits after the first deal reduced damage.

Focused Strikes (Unique) - Rey has +25% Offense as long as she doesn't have any negative status effects.

An interesting fighter with three attacks and a passive, but no leader ability; use someone else for that. Rey focuses on single target damage; her Flurry of Blows can absolutely destroy an enemy's health. Her other attacks may give her Foresight, an awesome buff that provides 100% dodge rate to a single attack. Rey's passive increases her damage as long as she has no debuffs; she'll stack well with characters who can boost her "tenacity" (debuff resistance) such as Luke Skywalker, or cure debuffs like Barriss.

Old Daka
Old Daka

4. Old Daka

Insightful Blow – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 45% chance to stun for 1 turn and a 40% chance to stun a random enemy for 1 turn.

Chant of Resurrection – All allies recover Health equal to 30% of Old Daka’s Max health, with a 40% chance to revive defeated allies at 1 Health.

Serve Again (Unique) – When another ally is defeated, Daka has a 10% chance to revive it with 30% Health and grant it Offense and Defense Up for 1 turn. In addition, revived character gains 20% Turn Meter.

Nightsister Elder (Leader) – Nightsister allies gain 40 Defense and 7.5% Max Health.

An obscure character from the Clone Wars, Old Daka is nonetheless a powerful healer. Her Chant heals allies with a decent chance to revive defeated teammates, and her passive further allows potential revives. Additionally, Daka has a great default attack that can stun foes, causing them to waste an entire turn. In fact, stunning is my personal favorite debuff to inflict!

Kylo Ren
Kylo Ren

3. Kylo Ren

Ragged Cut - Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 55% chance to inflict Healing Immunity for 1 turn and a 75% chance to inflict Damage Over Time for 2 turns.

Lash Out - Deal Physical damage to all enemies and gain Retribution for 1 Turn.

Outrage - Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack deals 75% more damage if Kylo is below 50% Health.

Unstoppable (Unique) - Kylo has a 45% chance to reset his cooldowns whenever he is damaged.

Like Rey, Kylo Ren has no leader ability, but to compensate, three attacks and a passive are available. Use someone else as leader to get their ability while utilizing Kylo Ren's massive Physical Damage output to quickly secure a victory. Kylo's Ragged Cut is particularly impressive for a default attack, with strong odds of inflicting both Healing Immunity and Damage Over Time.

Darth Sidious
Darth Sidious

2. Darth Sidious

Deathstroke – Deal Physical damage to target enemy and inflict Healing Immunity for 3 turns. This attack has a 25% chance to ignore the target’s Armor.

Demoralizing Blows - Deal Physical damage to all enemies and inflict Damage over Time for 2 Turns. This attack inflicts an additional Damage over Time effect on Critical Hit.

Sadistic Glee (Unique) – Darth Sidious recovers 20% of his Max Health whenever any unit is defeated, with a 25% chance to also gain 50% Turn Meter. In addition, he has +35% Evasion against Jedi attacks.

Unlimited Power (Leader) - All allies gain 14% Critical Chance and 20% Critical Damage.

Very close runner-up for best character. Sidious, sometimes called Palpatine or the Emperor, has one of the best default attacks that can prevent enemies from healing. In addition, he's got strong passive and leader abilities. Demoralizing Blows isn't bad, but is not quite as impressive as the other attacks. Unlike his film counterpart, Sidious strangely uses two lightsabers for this game.

Count Dooku
Count Dooku

1. Count Dooku

Hindering Press – Deal Physical damage to target enemy with a 50% chance to attack again. If the target is a Jedi, these attacks have a 35% chance to Stun for 1 turn and a 35% chance to inflict Ability Block for 1 turn.

Force Lightning – Deal Special damage to target enemy with a 40% chance to Stun for 1 turn, and a 40% chance to stun a random target. The chance of Stun on the primary target is increased to 90% if the primary target is a Jedi.

Flawless Riposte (Unique) – Count Dooku has a 100% Counter Chance. In addition, he deals 15% more damage and has a 25% chance to gain 45% Turn Meter whenever he attacks outside of his turn.

Master Tactician (Leader) – All allies gain 15% Evasion and gain Offense Up for 1 turn whenever they evade

Fans of Star Wars tend to favor other Sith over Darth Tyranus but we can't deny his power in Galaxy of Heroes. Hindering Press has half a chance to attack twice, and can inflict Stun and Ability Block on Jedi. Force Lightning may stun up two targets, with better odds if the target is a Jedi. Both are great attacks, but Dooku's passive is where he really shines. It guarantees he'll counter whenever hit, dealing extra damage and potentially filling his Turn Meter. To top things off, Master Tactician proves a strong leader ability that grants both offensive and defensive benefits to all allies regardless of affiliation.

Which fighter do you think is the best?

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Hopefully you've enjoyed examining the best fighters from across the galaxy. Though their staying power has changed as further updates sculpt the game, they still demonstrated considerable prowess. Feel free to vote for your favorite, and I'll see you at our next countdown!


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    • profile image

      Peter 18 months ago from England, UK

      Great Hub, I'm surprised there aren't more of us writing about Galaxy of Heroes. Pretty surprised you've included Stormtrooper Han and Old Daka in there, though!

    • emge profile image

      Madan 18 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Nice hub that has brought the characters alive

    • Jeremy Gill profile image

      Jeremy Gill 18 months ago from Louisiana

      Thanks! I was especially surprised how much I liked Daka, considering how obscure a character she is.

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