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Star Wars: Inexplicable Shower of Lasers

Updated on December 4, 2017

Lasers are fragmented beams of light that are shot to kill someone in the sci-fi movies known as Star Wars. Some lasers are bigger than others in these movies. For instance, some of these lasers are used to shoot down other spacecrafts, and some of these spacecrafts are huge! Can you image the lasers that are used to shoot down these giant ships that are shown in the Star Wars films missing? Where do those lasers go?

In all the movies that have been made so far, most have had major space battles in which a million lasers were shot. Many of those lasers missed! Seriously, watch the movies, everyone is a horrible shot in these films! It’s like watching GI Joe cartoons.

Well, to continue, my point is that light travels, pretty much, forever! So, these laser beams that miss their targets in those space battles, will eventually hit something in space. This has to be correct!

Can you imagine travelling in space and suddenly there is an inexplicable shower of lasers! Or, what if you are enjoying a trip to a new beautiful planet, then, suddenly, a freaking laser falls from the sky that was shot a billion miles away or a billion light years ago in some political battle you never knew about or cared about and takes out your loved one!

Not cool!

The Star Wars galaxy should have a committee on this laser usage for warfare! It’s kind of like giving out plastic bags at grocery stores for free! Pollution!


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