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Star Wars: Your Lightsaber Color?

Updated on May 16, 2017
Jeremy Gill profile image

Jeremy hopes the Force is with him as he pursues a forensics career in the swamps of Louisiana.

Lightsabers in various colors.
Lightsabers in various colors.


In the Star Wars saga, lightsabers are the name of powerful laser swords used by Jedi and Sith. These weapons can deflect energy bolts, cut through almost anything, serve as a symbol for the Jedi, and are much more portable than most blades.

Did you know that the color of a saber reveals much about its wielder? They're generalizations, but we'll take a look at which each shade typically indicates. Below, we have a quiz to determine what your own color is, and afterwards, all available answers are listed for your viewing!

Which Lightsaber Suits You?

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Your Color?

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Hopefully you're pleased with your saber's tint. Feel free to browse the other outcomes below!

Blue lightsaber
Blue lightsaber


Ah, so you are the classic Blue. The symbol of justice and protection, you wish to defend what you hold dear. Several centuries ago in Star Wars, Jedi Guardians, best known for their dueling abilities and physical feats, selected blue to represent them.

Whether you follow that path, or are a Dark Sider, you are strong, capable, and always bettering your sword-fighting. In battle, your saber techniques form a strong offensive front, and you're just as adept at defending yourself.

Green lightsaber
Green lightsaber


Your wisdom of the Force suits an emerald blade. You value peace, harmony, and companionship. You more likely follow the Light Side than the Dark. In ancient times, Jedi Consulars accepted green as their color. Consulars felt a strong connection to the Force, and many served as diplomats.

You may follow their path, but that doesn't mean you lack physical prowess; in combat, you are a mighty warrior. If your experience and weapon do not defeat an opponent, your strong Force powers will.

Yellow lightsaber
Yellow lightsaber


Your answers indicate your color is Yellow. You are intelligent and content with your place. Ancient Jedi Sentinels, tasked with ridding the galaxy of Dark Side followers, adopted yellow as the symbol of their quest. If you follow their path, your bright blade will vanquish many evil foes.

If you are Sith, yellow represents all the hardships you've faced to get where you are. You tend to be more well-rounded than other saber users. You may be an exceptional pilot, mechanical expert, or trained infiltrator. In battle, your strikes offer a powerful offense, and you may carry a secondary weapon, like a blaster. Better safe than sorry.

Red lightsaber
Red lightsaber


Emotion. Power. Passion. Your saber is Red. It will be the end of many enemies. You seek thrills, and look to establish your place in the world. You likely follow the Dark Side as a Sith, but the occasional Jedi chooses red, too.

In combat, you fuel your body with the Force to perform merciless attacks that shatter enemy defenses, and nothing will deter you from achieving your goals.

Purple lightsaber
Purple lightsaber


Your color is Purple. You mix energy with justice. You are likely powerful and dignified. Unlike some Jedi, you fight without restraining your emotions. If you follow the Light Side, you walk a fine line between light and dark, but serve as one of the strongest Jedi.

If you follow the Dark, you are a proud and vicious warrior. In combat, your saber attacks utilize both raw power and unpredictable technique to obliterate your foes.

Orange lightsaber
Orange lightsaber


Congratulations, your saber is Orange! You tend to enjoy life and look forward to future challenges. Your optimism is matched by your fortitude, and you can endure any hardship.

As you age, you may find yourself wishing to pass on your knowledge of the Force. In combat, if your initial strikes do no penetrate your enemies' defenses, you establish a firm defense to exploit any openings the opponent offers.

Silver lightsaber
Silver lightsaber


A Silver blade fits your clear mind. You are skilled with the Force, and likely have a deep commitment to the Light Side. You utilize logic, but you understand there are things beyond our comprehension. If you follow the Dark Side, you believe that by strengthening yourself, you will morph the galaxy into a superior place.

In combat, you may supplement your regular saber blows with Force powers and various tricks to secure your victory.

Hopefully you've learned a bit about the various colors and their meanings. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm retaking that quiz until I get yellow. Who doesn't want a golden blade?
And if you want more information on the several types of sabers, check out 5 different variations within Star Wars. Alternatively, learn about 3 times Jedi unleash rage within the films.
Thanks for reading!


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    • filipe baiao profile image

      Filipe BaiĆ£o 

      7 months ago from Lisbon

      I never liked yellow sabers, but having wound up with one, I can see how it fits with me. Bastila in Kotor made it look cool at least. Good Hub.

    • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

      Tim Truzy 

      14 months ago from U.S.A.

      I was pleased to wind up with a green saber. Excellent. This was a great and fun Hub. Thanks.


    • Ian Rideout profile image

      Ian Rideout 

      2 years ago from Alberta, Canada

      Great hub! I got the yellow lightsaber, although I was hoping for green because that's my favourite colour. Although as Alexa mentioned, I could always wield two lightsabers. One of them could be green and the other yellow.

    • alexarain379 profile image

      Alexa Rain 

      2 years ago from egypt

      all color is awesome, can i have two color, one in right hand and another one in other hand.

      or this will be greed.

    • profile image

      Miran Shuleta 

      5 years ago


    • Jeremy Gill profile imageAUTHOR

      Jeremy Gill 

      5 years ago from Louisiana

      Glad you enjoyed it! And Mace definitely was awesome with his burning purple blade. Perhaps even stronger than Yoda or the Emperor.

    • profile image

      Miran Shuleta 

      5 years ago

      Your descriptions for the different colours are very cool. Personally I always respected Mace Windu and due to that his lightsaber was always my favourite.

      Awesome Hub!


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