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Star Wars Movies Order To Watch

Updated on February 13, 2015
star wars movies order
star wars movies order | Source

List Of All Star Wars Movies In Order

The star wars film series has started a wide range of discussions and debates between family, friends and work colleges over the years.

I've witnessed some very interesting personal incites from people after each movie release that made me rethink the story line or aspects I didn't originally consider.

Now that the series is complete (according to George Lucas) who said he wouldn't be making any more star wars films due to the high level of criticism he received for the last three movies, the star wars movie order debate is now open for discussion, the series is finished but what order should your children watch the films?

Chronology Story Order

  • I - The Phantom Menace (19th May 1999)
  • II - Attack of the Clones (16th May 2002)
  • The Clone Wars (15th August 2008)
  • III - Revenge of the Sith (19th May 2005)
  • IV - A New Hope (25th of May 1977)
  • V - The Empire Strikes Back (21st May 1980)
  • VI - Return of the Jedi (25th of May 1983)

Movie Release Date Order

  • IV - A New Hope (25th of May 1977)
  • V - The Empire Strikes Back (21st May 1980)
  • VI - Return of the Jedi (25th of May 1983)
  • I - The Phantom Menace (19th May 1999)
  • II - Attack of the Clones (16th May 2002)
  • III - Revenge of the Sith (19th May 2005)
  • The Clone Wars (15th August 2008)

What Order Should Your Children Watch The Star Wars Movies?

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The pro's and con's to consider

If you are old like me you will have watched the series in release date order however now that I have children and all the movies are made my children have the option to watch the series chronology but what are the pros and cons of each option.

I've put some thought into this matter as my little ones are soon going to be old enough to understand the films but I want them to really enjoy the experience the same as I did when I was a child, I originally thought this is quite simple they can watch them by release date but then I thought maybe it's better to watch them chronology.

The twists of Luke and Leia being brother and sister and the iconic "I am your farther" I feel would only be effective if watched by release date.

Darth Vader not recognising C-3PO or his own daughter raises it's own questions no matter what order you watch it.

It's been mentioned that maybe if you watch the films chronology, episodes 1, 2, 3 fit in better and don't feel the fall of high expectations (not although I did to be honest I like the new films but I know a lot of people don't).

A new experience and appreciation of the entirety is gained something that is hard for most people to comprehend due to the way we originally watch the series, maybe it's a bigger build up, take the Vader scene "I am your farther" OK so we know this and it wouldn't be a surprise but Luke doesn't know and this is another aspect of enjoyment.

Geroge lucas artistic vision is at full effect chronology, Lucas realised his story wouldn't fit into one movie and it became what it is today.

The special effects in the new movies are more advanced and may have a negative visual effect on the older movies.

The story lines for the older movies are much better than the new ones.

These are just some of my personal thoughts, what do you think let me know.

Children's Reaction To "I Am Your Farther"

Original Star Wars Movie Trailer

A Big Thank You To You

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    • profile image

      Cannon 3 years ago

      It's a plruease to find someone who can think so clearly

    • executivecatering profile image

      philip lee hewitson 5 years ago from Detroit, Michigan, USA

      It's very basic compared to how they make them now but still makes you want to see the film

    • watcher by night profile image

      watcher by night 5 years ago

      I forgot to mention that this reminds me of the similar debate about what order to read the Chronicles of Narnia. I tend to think that it makes the most sense and avoids plot spoilers to see Episode IV first, although Geekdom makes a valid point about younger viewers being used to brighter colors and modern special effects (even though the original Star Wars special effects still seem pretty jaw-dropping)

    • Geekdom profile image

      Geekdom 5 years ago

      Good debate about what order to watch them in. I think older audiences should watch the original first because they can appreciate the story and will not be turned off by the first two movies. Younger kids would probably benefit from the brighter colors and modern special effects of the newer films.

      As a Star Wars geek I appreciate the time you have put into this thought process. :)

    • watcher by night profile image

      watcher by night 5 years ago

      I enjoyed seeing the original trailer