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Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Review And Guide

Updated on July 23, 2016

Star Wars Rebels Season 1

The 2014 season of Rebels is definitely an exciting one. Introducing a new cast of characters, Dave Filoni finds new and exciting ways to kill them off.

  • Kanan Jarrus, human male, former Jedi Padawan to Depa Billaba, survived Order 66
  • Hera Syndulla, Twi'lek woman, accomplished pilot, daughter of Cham Syndulla
  • C1-10P "Chopper", Hera's cranky astromech droid, always grumpy
  • Garazeb "Zeb" Orrelios, male Lasat, former captain of Lasan Honor Guard, survived Cleansing of Lasan
  • Sabine Wren, female Mandalorian, Imperial Academy graduate, con artist, explosives expert
  • Ezra Bridger, orphaned male street rat on Lothal, Force-sensitive
  • Grand Inquisitor, former Jedi Temple Guard, now killing Jedi when he sees 'em, suicidal
  • Agent Kallus, ISB officer, military strategist, Lasat hater
  • Grand Moff Tarkin, former Republic admiral, now Imperial governor
  • Cadet Jai Kell, member of Unit Aurek at Lothal Imperial Academy, Force-sensitive, goes in hiding from Empire, likely hid successfully
  • Cadet Zare Leonis, member of Unit Aurek, in academy to find his Force-sensitive sister
  • Commandant Aresko, thin officer, unable to stop Lothal Rebels, killed by Grand Inquisitor
  • Taskmaster Grint, burly officer, unable to stop Lothal Rebels, killed by Grand Inquisitor
  • Senator Bail Organa, secret Rebel sympathizer
  • Minister Maketh Tua, female Imperial public official
  • Tseebo, a Rodian, friend of Ezra's parents. Well, until they were killed
  • Gail Trayvis, ex-senator, tries getting the rebels into big traps. Yet fails
  • "Fulcrum", a.k.a. Ahsoka Tano, twilight Jedi

These characters are all exciting (oh really?) and most have some backstory – Imperial servitude, Jedi roots. And Filoni has found new ways to kill them – the Inquisitor commits suicide by falling into a fire, two Imperials of different sizes killed at the same time. But the Rebels escape very well. Tell that to Kanan in "Rebel Resolve".

3 stars for Star Wars Rebels Season 1


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