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Star Wars: T-47 Snowspeeder Not Used Correctly in Hoth Battle

Updated on December 3, 2017
Photo by Andres Rueda
Photo by Andres Rueda | Source

I wrote a blog about the battle of Hoth from the Empire Strikes Back movie, and I mentioned how the Rebels’ defensive strategy sucked. Yes, it did big time. Watch the movie!

Anyway, I just wanted to add that the AT-AT Walkers, the turtle-looking tanks used by the Empire to attack the Rebels’ base in Hoth, could have been easily destroyed by landing T-47 Snowspeeders on their backs. The T-47 Snowspeeders were the ships that were used by the Rebels in this particular battle.

Yes, Luke Skywalker or any Snowspeeder pilot could have landed on top of the AT-AT Walker itself, get off the ship, and lay a bunch of time bombs all over its back. Then, fly away.

Really, if you watch the movie, the AT-AT Walkers have no defense from behind. Also, their shields only reflect lasers, because the Snowspeeders were flying through the Walkers’ legs.

Anyway, these Snowspeeder pilots flew straight at the AT-AT Walkers, putting themselves right on target for the AT-AT blasters to take them out. This caused the Rebels in losing of their fleet and eventually the battle. Instead, the Rebels should have flown from behind and landed in peace on the AT-AT Walkers’ backs.

Next time you watch the movie, you’ll know what I’m talking about.


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