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Star Wars The Old Republic The Smuggler

Updated on December 6, 2011

As I mentioned earlier I decided the first character I would try would be the smuggler. So I created my character and entered the fray and was automatically deposited quite dramatically on a landing pad with a load of weapons for the the good fighters of the galactic resistance. I was disappointed in that I had no chance to see the interior of my ship at all at this point, but them's the breaks. Met my contacts attacked by bad guys and what do you know, betrayed by an local my ship and the weapons were stolen and now the local mob boss is mad at me! Like I stole my ship! But it's ok I can work for him until I can help him recover my ship and his weapons for the good guys. All in all the story line is pretty good, the action is very good, the missions are interesting for a starting area and challenging enough to keep your interest but not so tough as to make you want to walk away in disgust. Now I am not going to go into detail about the missions as this is not a guide nor is this a professional review. This is simply an over the hill gamer telling you how he feels about a new game. If you play WOW you're used to taking on enemies 3 to 4 levels above you 1 or 2 at a time and walking all over them. Word of advice don't try that in SWTOR it won't work! I could take on enemies 1 to 2 levels above my level and usually win 1 on 1, 3 levels up and I was toast in short order. This took me by surprise the first time it happened wasn't expecting it. You know how it goes, you get used to something and then the rules change, and it felt good! As a smuggler at lvl 7 I got a "companion" this is an npc that basically helps you fight, in the smugglers case, Corso just happens to be a heavy gunner not a bad companion to have since all you carry is a pistol. Also you do have the ability to resurrect your companion if he dies on the field of battle, which is handy as well. There are several opportunities to raise or lower your light/dark side points during your missions and it's always fun to make those decisions, as a smuggler I tried to stay in the gray area, it only seems fitting. I tried a couple of other characters out as well such as the Trooper, had to go to another server as the first one was overloaded when I tried to log on, I almost got to the point of reclaiming my ship when my time as a tester expired if anyone made to their ship would love to hear from you and hear what the ship is like. Next THE TROOPER......


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