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Star Wars Vs. Harry Potter

Updated on June 23, 2011

Use the Force

Are you gonna "use the force" or say "ridikkulus"? Twenty years back, star wars was what the world was about, now harry is the new mania. Lets bridge the past and the present and see who is the victor. Both fall into fiction, but which was most popular? I think I'll go for harry, you see, the whole story revolves around him, books, movies, stuff like that always capture us, for we always want self attention while the star wars is about collective things. What would you vote for? What is with harry, why do we find it so hard to let him go? With the last movie coming, we know it is the end of all things as we know it? Harry was a person like any other, he suffered childhood trauma, was ignored, not listened too, maybe many of us find familiar ground here, something we know all about. Then he was exalted tremendously, he became the boy who survived, this is how we all want to feel, to be special. But in star wars, a movie of similar powerful reactions was more about tolerance, to let yourself be drawn down for the greater good. A recent survey says kids nowadays like batman more than superman, a gentlemanly hero Vs. the dark Bruce Wayne with his secrets and pain and thirst for blood and justice. My point is that, any huge reaction invoking thing all comes by relating to our own lives. Star Wars was a mess of characters, we couldn't say which was the main, which to idolize or become crazed with? We all had momentary fancies, always a clash between good and evil? If we look closely, we'll find out that heroic movies and tales always had an underlying concept, like a moral story? Now there are just stories which inspire to do the impossible, no inner meaning. So do you agree???

Voldemort Vs. Darth Vader

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