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Stargate Universe - Season 2: Episode 3 - Awakening

Updated on November 23, 2010

Awakening starts off really well, but then tends to drag (as most episodes of this show seem to) in the middle. The episode starts with the Destiny and crew docking with another ship in the middle of the void. Young seems to finally be waking up to some of the mysteries surrounding Rush as he refuses to allow him to board the ship while Rush himself is trying to decide how best to utilize his knowledge and access to the bridge of the Destiny.

Rush obviously doesn't care about Young or anyone else's orders on the ship and while he is not actively trying to take over the ship again, he still feels that he is best able to make and take decisions for everyone else. He obviously cares about the crew, but he's also obsessed with discovering Destiny's true mission.

Once the Destiny docks with the other ship they figure out that the ship is one of the seeder ships that run along in front of Destiny, dropping stargates along its path.

Upon boarding the Seed Ship they discover that it has a lot more power than the Destiny.  Enough when combined with Destiny's reserves to allow them to make a jump all the way back to Earth! As the boarding party (led by Telford) starts to make some changes to enable the transfer of power to take place, another alien appears in the control room and immediately collapses.

TJ is called over to the seed ship to doctor to the alien who seemsto recover by himself (herself? itself?) without any help from TJ.  Rush starts to transfer power over from Seedship while others search inside Seedship for any other aliens based on Rush's suggestion (why is he the only one that seems to think???).  The boarding party sets out on a search of the seedship and they discover dozens of pods which they assume contain more aliens.

As the power transfer continues, the crew on the Destiny gets ready to gate back home.  Unfortunately just as the wormhole to Earth is about to open the power flow reverses.  The aliens have taken over the seedship bridge and started to transfer power from the Destiny back to the Seedship!

As the rest of the boarding party escapes back to the Destiny Telford stays behind to reverse-reverse the power transfer with Eli's help.

However Rush with his control over the Destiny starts to fear that the aliens will drain all of Destiny's reserves and forces the Destiny to sever its link with the Seedship ... stranding Telford by himself amongst the aliens.

Is Telford Dead??

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Final Thoughts

  • Those aliens? They looked pretty cool - but why do they always have to be bipedal?  I mean you could have some different shape?  How about giant spiders or something like that?  Are these aliens the caretakers of the ancients or prisoners?  Were the pods discovered really how they got on board?
  • Homeworld Command - mentioned a couple of times ... don't remember this name from before?  Used to be Stargate Command - something new?
  • Whats going on with Chloe?
  • Is Telford gone?
  • When is Rush going to come clean?
  • Is the Lucian Alliance going to attack Earth?  When?


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