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The Starship Enterprise

Updated on January 17, 2017

Designing the Original Enterprise

NCC-1701 Maximum Warp!!
NCC-1701 Maximum Warp!! | Source
The Enterprise in 1967
The Enterprise in 1967 | Source
The Original Enterprise Drawing
The Original Enterprise Drawing | Source

The Enterprise Movement

Who knew that back in the 1960's something would take shape that would change the world and its views of the future forever? At that time, it was thought to be almost impossible to get to the moon not to long before Star Trek was even established. In 1966 Star Trek aired for the first time on television and the Starship Enterprise was debut for all to see! The Starship configuration was unlike anything we'd seen up to that point. It had a Saucer Section, a Connecting Dorsal, a Secondary Hull, Nacelle Pylons and 2 Warp Nacelles.

To everyone's amazement, this ship was capable of Faster Than Light Travel or achieved Warp Speeds. Something so far-fetched in the 1960's, we had just landed on the Moon and had begun to send man into space! Now we have a TV Show that clearly depicts a vessel that can travel Faster than Light Speed? As the Show progressed, the capabilities of the Enterprise were showcased, time and time again; at the same time people's fascination with the ship also grew. Of course as we know, the Enterprise has become the hope of space travel and human exploration in space for the future and I guess this is why Star Trek is still so popular today! So Could We Build the Starship Enterprise Today?

The Enterprise Effect or Movement?!

Ahead, Warp One!
Ahead, Warp One! | Source

The Enterprise Effect!

As the Name brand of Star Trek Progressed from the 1960's, the popularity of Star Trek continued to grow. As we all know, this lead to a Space Shuttle to be Named the "Enterprise" and the 1st Star Trek Movie in the late 1970's, which spawned several more Movies, a Toy line, other Star Trek Shows and a Star Trek Website! In fact, Star Trek will be 50 Years Old this Year, 2016!! In fact, there aren't many TV Shows that can say that have made an impact quite like Star Trek has.

The Design and layout of the Enterprise may have been simple, it sure made technological sense. With the Saucer Section (Main Hull), Connecting Dorsal, Engineering Section (Secondary Hull), Pylons and the Warp Nacelles; these where something no one had envisioned before. Yet at the same time, it made the most sense for the possibility of future advanced space travel. For the 1960's, the Original Enterprise was Very Advanced and in many instances it still is even today. It may look slightly different than it was Originally crafted, however the purpose of the Enterprise would still be the same. From the 1960's to Present (2010's), there have been several leaps in technology since then; coupled with the ideas of Star Trek. Many of our current technologies may have been redirected, because we have a possible attainable future to look forward to.

Who knew a TV Show and its Iconic Starship would make such an impact and change the direction of humanity forever?

The Movie Enterprise (NCC-1701-A)

Warp Speed Now!!
Warp Speed Now!! | Source
The Crew of the Enterprise-A
The Crew of the Enterprise-A | Source
The Front of the Movie Enterprise
The Front of the Movie Enterprise | Source

The Enterprise Lineage

The Original Enterprise of course isn't the only ship to bear the name. There have been several ships to bear the name and each ship pays homage to the Classic Enterprise of 1966. The Classic Enterprise was a Constitutional-class Heavy Cruiser. That meant the Enterprise wasn't just a vessel used for exploration only, it had armaments, weapons and defensive capabilities. This is also the case for each ship that followed after the Original Enterprise, all of which were fast, generally sleek in design and a very capable battleship. The Original Enterprise did get a facelift if you will, when was refitted at the time of "Star Trek the Motion Picture." Apart from many of her systems being upgraded, her size having been increased and her internal, and external structure completely updated. She was almost a totally new Enterprise, just with the same registry Hull number (NCC-1701). Many of these new features were never noted on the hull of the Original Enterprise, like the RCS Thrusters, hull markings and lighting. Which would be the case for every Enterprise that followed after the Refit Constitutional-class Starships.

The next Enterprise to follow after the Classic and Refitted Enterprise was the NCC-1701-A. This Enterprise basically looked almost identical to the Refitted Classic Enterprise and it was also a Refit Constitutional-class Starship. Apart from the slight differences, this Enterprise was much faster than the Original Enterprise. It was the first Enterprise to utilize transwarp drive as mentioned in a few episodes of the Original Series and in Star Trek the Search for Spock. True this may have not been the same warp scale in Star Trek the Next Generation, but it was transwarp drive.

By the time the Enterprise-B or the NCC-1701-B was commissioned, Captain James T. Kirk had retired and this Enterprise became the first Enterprise to not be captained by him. This Enterprise was much bigger than the Enterprise-A and faster as well, reaching speed close to warp 9 on the transwarp scale. This Enterprise was a Refit Excelsior-class Enterprise, which was longer and faster than the NCC-2000, the U.S.S. Excelsior.

The Enterprise-C or the NCC-1701-C was an Ambassador-class Enterprise. It was twice the size of the Excelsior-class Starships and even faster. Not only that, this Enterprise was the first Enterprise to have a female Captain during its entire time in service, under the command of Michelle Garrett. Not to mention, this Enterprise was the first Starship to have a Partial Phaser Array System. Unfortunately, the Enterprise was destroyed while attempting the save a Klingon Outpost. After the destruction of the Starship, the Klingon Empire realized that the Federation was not so much of an enemy, but rather a possible ally.

One of the most recognized and most familiar Enterprise is the NCC-1701-D from Star Trek the Next Generation. This Starship was under the command of Jean-Luc Picard, and his crew of faithful comrades. This vessel has been in many situations, much like in the Original Series, where it almost met an untimely end time and time again. Not only was the Enterprise more advanced, faster, bigger; it could also separate and function as two separate vessels! Until this Enterprise, this was not possible and indeed a feat worthy of being an Enterprise. The greatest threat to this Enterprise was the Q and the Borg, of which was not the reason she was destroyed, how ironic.

The last ship to bear the name Enterprise in direct succession was the Enterprise-E or the NCC-1701-E, a Sovereign-class Starship. This Enterprise was the fastest, sleekest and most powerful Enterprise to date. She had quantum torpedoes, she could separate (even though it was never seen doing so), more powerful phaser arrays and maximum warp speed range. This ship was a force to be reckoned with, this Enterprise was built to be a battleship in every since of the word! Captain Picard and crew were also privileged to man this vessel, and explore the galaxy with her.

The Enterprise-B, C, D and E

NCC-1701-B | Source
NCC-1701-B Maximum Warp!!
NCC-1701-B Maximum Warp!! | Source
NCC-1701-C | Source
NCC-1701-C Warp Speed!
NCC-1701-C Warp Speed! | Source
NCC-1701-D | Source
NCC-1701-D Max Warp!!
NCC-1701-D Max Warp!! | Source
NCC-1701-E | Source
NCC-1701-E Trying to Outrun the Scimitar!!
NCC-1701-E Trying to Outrun the Scimitar!! | Source

The Warp Speed in Star Trek Movies

The Next Gen Crew

The Crew of the Next Generation
The Crew of the Next Generation | Source

Choose Wisely!

Which is Your Favourite Star Trek Movie or Show?

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Last but not Least!

The NX-01 Enterprise was more of an after thought in my opinion. It seems that the modern Star Trek decision makers saw an opportunity, but didn't capitalize on it effectively. It was a genius idea, a Warp 5 Enterprise that predated the Original Enterprise to fill in the progression of technology in the 22nd Century to the 23rd Century where the Classic Enterprise Presides. This Enterprise is not my Personal Favourite, however it was in a Star Trek Series. The main issue with this Enterprise is that it looks to advance to be before the Original Enterprise. Which is what probably lead to the alternate universe Enterprise of the New Star Trek Movies. I understand the NX-01 did not have shields and the polarization of the hull was a term that meant the hull was hardened. There are so many things I could say about the attempt made to fill in the Enterprise Lineage, but I would rather not.

The New NCC-1701 or the Enterprise from the new Star Trek Movies is a far cry from the Original Enterprise of 1966. However, it does display some of the same classic features. The ship is very different, especially in size and layout. At the same time, there are areas within the New Enterprise which appear more believable. I guess that is why more people are attracted to this new Enterprise, they are able to see areas that the Original Enterprise did not showcase. Come on that was in the 1960's, who thought about those things then?!? In my opinion, for the Enterprise in these Movies; all they had to do was make a few changes and update the Original. Showcase where the RCS Thrusters were located, they could have even added a few Phaser emitters onto the hull and that would have been okay. I guess by the time I watch Star Trek Beyond, maybe I might change my tune somewhat, who knows?

The NX-01 and the New Enterprise

The NX-01
The NX-01 | Source
The Warp 5 Capable Enterprise
The Warp 5 Capable Enterprise | Source
The New NCC-1701
The New NCC-1701 | Source
New NCC-1701 Max Warp!!
New NCC-1701 Max Warp!! | Source

You Have Never Seen This Before!!

What Does the Future Hold?

As we have seen as of recent, the New Star Trek Series is spinning a entirely new Star Trek History. I as many Star Trek Fans would not expect to be another Starship Enterprise in the mix so soon! However, on the same note I as well as so many others, are very glad this new alternate reality has corrected a few things which made the New NCC-1701 somewhat irritating. The New NCC-1701-A so far looks much more esthetically pleasing to the eye and more like the original should have looked like being updated or upgraded!

Only time and the next Star Trek Movie will tell for sure...

The New NCC-1701-A?!?

Surprise New Enterprise!
Surprise New Enterprise! | Source
The Comparisons
The Comparisons | Source
To Boldly Go...
To Boldly Go... | Source

Say Something About the Enterprise, the Ship Which Has Changed Our History!!

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